Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lola | Newborn Photographer Wilmington, NC

Wow - I seriously haven't blogged since October?!? It's not because I haven't had my camera in my hand. I have holiday sessions, a breastfeeding fundraiser event, the most amazing session with my son and his buddies, a newborn from right before Thanksgiving, and I'm gearing up for a CONTEST!!! I have a lot of catching up to do, so keep watching the blog.

But first, I have to introduce you to sweet Lola. Last week she was just one week old. This maybe quite possibly be the most expressive 7 day old I've ever met. Her beautiful soul reaching gazes and the sweetest smiles made me want to hang out with her all day.

Thank you mom and dad for inviting me into your home and sharing your little miracle with me. I look forward to meeting with you next week to share the whole set.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 Holiday Mini-Sessions | Wilmington, NC Family Photographer

I still have some spots available for this weekend's holiday sessions. Please know you can pay a deposit of 1/2 the session fee, $150 to hold your session, and the remaining balance is not due until you are ready to place your order - around the first of November.

Waiting for Jack | Wilmington, NC Maternity Photographer

This little boy is already so loved - I can't wait to meet him and I know the rest of the family can't either. I say "rest of the family" because this is my family, too. Justin is Eddie's cousin, and in his family in-laws are not out-laws, so he's my cousin, too! Callie and Justin made the trip from South Carolina for our beach session, and once Jack arrives, I'll make the trip down there to help them celebrate. Callie is absolutely glowing - she's gonna be such a great momma and Justin is oozing love for his beautiful wife - I can only imaging what's gonna happen when he lays eyes on his baby boy.

Thanks so much for asking me to be a part of this amazing time in your life. I look forward to photographing Jack as he grows up. If he's anything like his mama and daddy - he's going to be a great model for me!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life Celebrated at the Arboretum | Wilmington, NC Photographer

Well, a lot of firsts for me during this session. Inspired by my friend Angela - and amazing photographer in the Bay area in CA, I really wanted to try my hand a including video during a portrait session. Luckily I was working with an amazing family and didn't mind the patience it required as I tried to figure it out as I went along. I kept pressing the wrong buttons on my camera - def. a learning curve. Then I had to figure out how in the world to EDIT video - I've never done that (and as you can see there are some spots where I didn't get the video length quite right). I will go back and play some more with making the video blend in a bit better, but Karla's been waiting long enough! Then is is my first time incorporating any kind of slideshow into my blog. I'm a little giddy - a little feeling like pulling my hair out at this whole process - but mostly giddy. I can see this really working for some of the families I photograph - especially "day in the life sessions".

Oh, and the slideshow is a little blurry here - because I really wanted everyone to see it a bit bigger - I promise all the images and even the video is nice and sharp!

Karla - thank you again for letting me play during our session. You guys were the best!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beautiful Kona | Wilmington Children's Photographer

The plan was for a birthday session to celebrate Kona's 1st birthday. But as life would have it, we just weren't able to get it done until now - 3 months after her 1st birthday. I don't think Kona minds, though. She was a little slow to warm, cried if I touched her, and cried every time mom and dad put her in a new spot, so I was a little worried I wouldn't get any smiles. Mom and dad assured me she would loosen up, and after a bit of a cardio workout from mom, I saw they were correct. Kona was beaming!

The family image on the right - dad sat down with Kona - and she laid her sweet head on his chest - and what a perfect spot for a family shot. Melts my heart. This little girl is so obviously loved.
I loved seeing Kona again. And if you recognize the name - you are right - here is her newborn session:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mother + Daugher = FUN | Wilmington, NC Photographer

I seriously had a very hard time figuring out what to show from this session. I could have picked 15 more and still not picked all my favorites. Meet Kate and her mom. They live in Ohio - and Kate is thinking about making some career changes - maybe Navy, maybe Coast Guard - either way - there are changes in the air. Kate grew up spending her summers in Carolina Beach with her grandparents - and it seemed the logical place for a little getaway with her mom. I couldn't have been happier that she picked me as her photographer!

There was so much silliness and laughter.
It was early in the morning - and nothing was open at the boardwalk, yet - but we were lucky enough to run into a Wheelfun Rental employee - so we asked if we could borrow a surrey and play for a bit!
But seriously - these two women are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L - I could have photographed them all day!
Oh, and can you believe at one point during the session, Kate said, "I'm sorry - we're not very fun to photograph." Ummmm - crazy fun! Thanks for choosing me - I hope you both had a fabulous weekend!

Married 60 Years | Carolina Beach Family Photographer

I can't even imagine what 60 years of marriage must feel like. The life they have shared together, the love, the tears, the adventure - it's almost too for my brain to comprehend. The love between this family is unquestionable - I'm honored to have spent even 1 hr with them.

I wonder, as they watched their grown children "play" on the rocks - if they were able to see them as the adults they are now - or if they just have visions of them at 9, 7, and 4 - while on their vacations at Carolina Beach. Sweet, nonetheless.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Love.celebrated | Wilmington, NC photographer

Two people that are madly in love + an amazing network of family and friends + the most gorgeous weather ever + a wine vineyard = the most beautiful wedding ever. Now, I'm not a wedding photographer, so don't get any ideas, but when your best friend gets married, you can't NOT have your camera ready.

Tiffany and Dade - I'm so happy for you and really - those words do so little to describe how really happy I am for you. On your wedding day, you asked guests to bring a small item, a token for your alter that symbolized this special day. I didn't put anything on the alter during the ceremony like everyone else. I searched and searched for just the right item to bring and I couldn't find the ONE thing that would convey the message I wanted you to have. I want you to remember how crazy powerful this love feels right now - how it engulfs your whole body and makes you giddy and also a little sick to your stomach. So, I decided my alter item would have to wait just a little while. Because what I really want you to have - to remember - to look back on - is this (well, not this blog - but the pictures:)).

And there's no way I can end this blog post without a couple kid pictures! My friend, Eric had his super cute little boy there - and he was practicing jumping off the steps - and then Kara's daughter - oh, my - I couldn't have planned it any better. Looking at her running makes my heart smile!
Tiffany and Dade - thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your day - your commitment. I will treasure it always.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet and Serious | Wilmington, NC Child Photographer

When Dawn contacted me about portraits for her daughter before she started losing her baby teeth - I knew that this was a mom that got it. It's so important to document these moments with our children since we all know they grow up way too fast. I can't tell you how many parents I've met that have teenagers and tell me they haven't had any portraits done of their kids since they were toddlers.

Now, I wasn't expecting this beautiful 6-yr old to be such a tough one to crack! Luckily mom did say she does have a serious side - and to capture that is also really capturing her. Whew! I do look forward to our next session when her little brother is with her - because I have a feeling I'm going to see a whole new side of Little Miss A!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cooper's Morning | Lifestyle Photographer in Wilmington, NC

Yes - I'm going to blog a whole session - how can I not? There is so much story to tell in this one little post.

A little back story - 5 years ago, Megan was pregnant with Cooper when Silas was just a tiny baby. She would stay after her prenatal yoga class to help hold/comfort babies during my mommy/yoga class. She held Silas a lot. Then when Silas started crawling - we didn't see or hear much from each other until I ran into her 2 years later when she was pregnant with her second. I was a budding photographer then - eager to get my name out. We all get our "start" from somewhere and Megan was mine. She agreed to a maternity session and then spread the word like wildfire. Before I knew it I had a whole new circle of friends and an amazing client base. Many, many of my clients I can string back to this circle - to Megan. For that I am truly thankful.

I also just recently met up with 20 AMAZING photographers - and boy was I inspired. Just seeing all that talent in one room is a bit to swallow. I came away from the weekend knowing that I had made lifelong friendships - and that it was time to embrace what I LOVE about photography. For me it's all about LIFE. Sure - I capture the essence of it in every session - but I've been longing to do a WHOLE session that really celebrates where someone is right now - their amazing life right now. Sure I could do it with Silas - but really - even if you aren't a professional photographer - you know how hard it is to really capture your own children. So I started thinking about WHO would be a good candidate. I'm sure there are many of you on the other side of the screen with your hands waiving in the air, "me, me, me - why didn't you pick me?!" And aside from the above info on how Megan really helped me launch my business - there were a few other factors. I knew without a doubt that Megan would have no expectations of me. She would LOVE it if I got ONE image of Cooper being, well, Coop. That alone takes off some major stress in a session. And really - because next week, Coop will start Kindergarten, like my own son, Silas. And those of you that know me - know I'm not dealing with it all. I needed to pour a "starting school celebration" somewhere because I just can't quite celebrate it in my house!

Have you heard enough? Don't know how I got so winded!!! So, I hung out with Cooper yesterday morning. We decided that mom would leave - and I would just see where the morning took us. I walked away a very happy photographer! Now - looking at these - all in one place - my name font looks funny - the color is all over the place - and guess what - I don't really care right now. This session was for me - I can fix all that stuff later. For now - I just want to share. So, ignore some of the technical stuff - and just enjoy Cooper's Life!

We started off outside - Coop loves his scooter and bike - and he actually just completed a children's triathlon last weekend. That second image on top..... he was telling Megan "bye" as she drove to work! I knew it was going to be fun.
Then we went inside - and you can say Coop has a thing with wheels. Ramp building - remote control car driving - all boy! That last image - he was laughing because he ran into me with is car!
Here Coop is playing with his toys - giving them voices much like in Toy Story - telling stories - but his stories have one underlying theme - they all involve a bit of potty talk (thanks to Dad) - so that's what that second image giggle is all about. This is when I wish I knew how to use the video function on my camera better.
Then Cooper sat down at the table - for what started as art work - and it turned into a cutting and writing session. I love how hard he is concentrating. He's going to be great in Kindergarten! I love how he drew his own lines before he started writing.
Then a smoothie and some basketball - you know - you gotta have some good energy before you can concentrate on dribbling through the house.
And maybe one of my favorite images from the whole day - this ONE image made me so happy - that I'll probably frame it myself for my desk! This is what life is all about!
So, Cooper, Megan (and Nat) - thanks so much. To everyone that helped me get where I am - thank you, too. To my amazing photography friends that continue to inspire and push me - I love you more than you'll ever know. I feel renewed.

Now - if I can just muster up the energy to get Silas in front of the camera!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

3 boys at the beach | Carolina Beach Family Photographer

I will admit - when mom contacted me about photographing her 3 boys, ages 7, 10, and 14 - I had a slight panic attack! I searched other photographer's blogs/sites, asked on the professional forums I belong to, and everything I heard scared me even more. The general consensus was that boys this age are difficult to get to relax, will often not get along with each other, and can be quite surly.

Well, everything I read couldn't be more wrong! These boys were awesome. They got along with each other - we nothing but respectful with me - and I think they actually had fun. I know I did!

So refreshing! Thanks boys!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birthday Family on the Beach | Carolina Beach Photographer

I was so excited to do this session. When families contact me about beach portraits, I almost always recommend the beach in front of Ft. Fisher Museum because of all the different textures it offers. But this family has been coming to Carolina for generations and generations and they really wanted something different. They wanted something that would show them the beach how they remembered it as children. They also had 2 birthday's to celebrate. The baby is almost 2 and grandma's birthday was Monday (I'll not share her age). So, off we went to the north end pier. It's such a beautiful location - I really should use it more.

First you have to meet their 4 beautiful daughters. They were so delightful the whole session - and one thing they all have in common.....they love their little sister.
When you time it right - and of course we did - the water is so reflective in this area.
And like I said - I have to use this location more - this might be my new family portrait! I love the colors of the wooden columns and the blue ocean and how it really shows off this beautiful family!
Thank you so much for such an awesome session. It was so fun meeting you - I hope your vacation was awesome.

Beautiful and pregnant | Wilmington Maternity Photographer

What better reason to have portraits done than when you are vacationing at the beach AND you are pregnant! Although they knew it was a little early for maternity portraits (typically done between 32 and 36 weeks) - they were here and luckily I had a cancelation at the last minute and was able to work them in.

It was so fun working with working with them - and their love for each other is obvious.
It's amazing to me how different the belly looks with a different position and angle. Of course the first and the second portrait were taken at the beginning and the end of the session - so maybe all the up and down and up and down got that baby to poke out a bit more!

Isn't she stunning?
They are going to make amazing parents - I already know. My only regret is they live in Charlotte - so you guys won't be seeing this newborn on my blog - but hopefully they'll come back to the beach - and I can capture their baby's first beach experience (well, second beach experience.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beach Fun x2 | Carolina Beach Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting two beautiful families at the beach yesterday for a session while they were on vacation in Carolina Beach. Meeting families from all over is one of the great perks of living in a tourist spot. They requested a joint family session - and although I said yes - I was a bit hesitant. Well, I shouldn't have!!! I actually think having two families there made it a bit easier at times. The girls were so busy playing with each other - I'm not sure they ever felt like they were at a portrait session!

Meet Ava - she has the most beautiful big brown eyes - that you can just sink into.

I can't tell what I like most about this portrait - Ava's sweet smile or the way daddy is looking at her. Sigh.

And then there came Caroline and Charlotte - oh my sweetness! I could eat them up. Caroline was very much aware of the camera - and didn't hesitate to stop and pose anytime she got a chance. Charlotte, a typical pensive 2-yr old, was a bit harder to crack. But the image on the right - I smiled so big when I was uploading my pictures today - here she is running from daddy!
My favorite part of family sessions is capturing families playing.
And if you haven't seen enough sweetness for 1 blog post - I couldn't resist sharing this one. I see this as a big canvas!!
You guys were so awesome to work with - I'm so happy I had the opportunity to share in your vacation memories.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

He's 3 and full of smiles! | Wilmington, NC Children's Photographer

Well, he's almost 3 - just a couple more days! My dear friend, Heather, from way back in days of Richlands Elementary, came to the beach, again (2 years ago I photographed her family - and John was just barely walking!) Well, he's full of energy - laughing, smiling, making faces. Basically - a typical 3 yr old. And what a trooper he was because man was it HOT! Portrait session in July are tough for everyone involved - but I couldn't have asked for a more willing subject.

Since they had beach portraits 2 years - we decided to meet at the Arboretum this time. It's such a great place for kids.
By the end of the session - we were all sweating - but John wasn't too hot for some bubbles. I had planned on having him catch the bubbles - but he had much more fun trying to blow bubbles.
I love it when kids play with their parents - I love, love, love this series of portraits. I can feel the love between them all.
Oh, and if a birthday isn't enough to celebrate - we also had a couple other things to celebrate. The day of our session, Friday, was Heather and Chris' 5th wedding anniversary, AND.......
guess what John's pointing to? Congratulations you guys! Can't wait to meet the new little one!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Almost 2 - running free | Wilmington, NC Child Photographer

Sometime the most fun shoots are the completely unplanned ones. I was visiting some very dear friends of mine recently - and while we were sitting outside enjoying adult conversation while the kids ran around freely - the setting sunlight was just too beautiful to resist - especially with Lilly - almost two - running around being, well, two. Oh, how I wished I had a tutu with me - but then I might have missed the moments.
And this one - well, it had to stand alone. I love every single thing about this.
Sandy and Maggie (and the rest of the crew) - it was so awesome visiting with you. I only wish I could see you more often - and for longer periods of time. I think of you often - and look forward to our next visit.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Hank! | Wilmington, NC Photographer

My nephew is 16, today. What a great day to be born, 4th of July. He lives in Texas - and I hope he's having a blast with his parents and friends. Until just recently I hadn't seen him in over 2 years when my brother called me and asked if it was cool if Hank came to NC for a couple weeks to start off his summer. I couldn't have been more happy. Let me first tell you - I was a little hesitant - since I hadn't seen him in a couple years - and really hadn't spent any quality time with him since he was here the summer he turned 10. So, I didn't really know if I was going to be faced with one of those kids that are moody and too cool for adults. But what a pleasant surprise (and really I know my brother and sister-in-law well enough to know there should have never been any doubts). I had so much fun with Hank. He really is an amazing kid (can you call a 16-yr old a kid?) - anyway - I had a lot of fun with him and I was sad to see him go. I so look forward to next summer.

His mom's one request was to get some good pics of him while he was here. Apparently he doesn't like having his portrait done - and has skipped out on the last TWO years of school pictures - so mom has nothing recent of him - and neither does the rest of the family. Well, we were too busy playing - and of course the day before he left we were scrambling to find time to fit some portraits in. I'm not sure why he avoids the camera - he's such a gorgeous guy and he was so easy to photograph - and we were only out there for 20 minutes!!!!

I can't wait to spend more time photographing him next summer - as he will be Senior material, then!!! Hank, Happy Birthday - I hope you have a great day - and thanks so much for coming out to visit - it meant the world to me.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fast Mover on the Beach | Carolina Beach Photographer

You never know what to expect with a 1-yr old on the beach. Sometimes they love the sand and water and sometimes - well, they don't. Cole is a fast moving 1-yr old that LOVED the beach. I couldn't get enough of the water, sand, rocks, you name it. The only thing he didn't like was being still.
One of my favorite locations - because we have the beach - and then right next to it - a grassy area with trees. We moved here thinking it might be a distraction for Cole - but nope - he was just as busy. I love 1-yr olds!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meet Brooke - 7 days old | Wilmington, NC Newborn Photographer

Brooke is baby number 3 for this beautiful family. They live in India most of the time - and this is the first baby born in the States - so mom was hoping to capture her newness. And as you can see - everyone is already madly in love with this little princess.
I love baby feet
Snuggling with Mom and smiling for Dad - and maybe one of my favorite family shots ever!
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful time with you and your family.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Morgan is 3! | Wilmington, NC birthday photographer

I love getting the call mid May that it's time to schedule Morgan's birthday session. Mom is such a smart mom - and she hires me to be there for the party day to capture all the fun. Even one less task to do on birthday day is a treat. I have loved watching Morgan grow up. I wasn't able to make it to the party at Monkey Joes - but I was able to be there for the small party at her house on her actual birthday.

As usual we spent a little time together before the guests arrived. Oh, I could just eat her up!!! She looks so grown in these portraits to me.
And then it was time to PARTY! They had some water play outside - I love her sporting the shades (she wasn't really keeping out the sun - she didn't like the water splashing in her eyes) - a few crafts, and then of course cupcakes.
A fun day for all involved!

Oh, and if you want to see quickly how much this beautiful little girl has grown - here's her first birthday:
and her second birthday:

My Love!

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