Saturday, July 26, 2008

Christmas '08 Cards are ready for Viewing!

Can you believe Christmas is less than 5 months away? Here's a quick peek at my '08 cards......but make sure you check out the full set here:

As much as I'd love to take credit for the designs - they were created by two talented photographers/designers. Because of them, you get beautiful cards!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Little Miss Quinn and her big sister, Avery!

Little Quinn is almost 3 months old and what a cutie she is! She has the most beautiful blue eyes.
And what a great big sister she has. Avery didn't mind showing some love to her baby sister, but then off she went!
Superbaby!!!! Oh, one of the many fun things with babies this age - the flailing arms. Man, she's cute!!!
Here's big sister, Avery - such a beautiful smile. She was more than willing to pose for the camera. I really had a fun time with her.
Did I mention that Quinn was such a happy baby? She really has the best expressions - just makes me melt.
I was so grateful for the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family. Be sure to let this family know how much you enjoyed looking at their girls!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Biggest Fan (in a small package)

Well, Silas is start-struck. Every Thursday night, we head down to the boardwalk and enjoy some live music and fireworks. Well, about a month ago, Julie Gribble was the pre-fireworks entertainment. Silas was mesmerized by her. We bought her CD that night and since then Silas has listened to it at least once a day in it's entirety. Well, what a great surprise to hear that Julie Gribble was coming back. So this time I came prepared to capture it - and boy was I glad I did. When we go there we saw our friend, Lou, up on stage playing Bass!!!! You never know who you're going to see in CB!!!

Silas was so excited to see, "my best band player ever!" that it was impossible to get him to tear his eyes away from her on the stage.
Julie and Lou in the background!
When Silas saw this picture he said, "Mom, look, she's so happy to be singing!" It just melted my heart!!!!
Can I just tell you how wonderful Julie is? Not only is she fabulous to listen to, but she is great with reluctant, star-struck, 3yr olds! Silas just didn't know what to think!

This one is going in a frame in his room!!!!
I had to play a little when it got dark - here's Lou!

and I was happy to catch a little firework action while they were on stage!

Thanks so much, Julie, for being such a good sport with Silas. She even invited him on-stage to perform with him - but he just couldn't take the pressure!

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Smitherman and family - at the beach!

Hey Guys - I just wanted you to see the new family picture - this is now called "family_12_new" in color and black/white. I figured it was easier to post it here so you could all see.

You never know where you're going to meet up with your childhood friends. It just so happens I was contacted by my dear friend from elementary/middle school for a family session on the beach. She was in the area with a whole slew of family. I couldn't resist and couldn't wait to meet her new baby.

Grandpa loves this little guy, don't you think?
We were all waiting for little John to start crying when mom and dad walked away - but nope - just as happy as ever! I couldn't believe how happy he was during this entire session.
This is my friend, Heather, and her beautiful baby boy. Heather - I think I'll have to change this to black and white - there is so much emotion here!
A little playtime with Dad! This family was so fun to watch!
One of Heather's cousins were there - and I got a couple of shots of her, too! She's a rising senior - so watch out!!!
Little John has the best facial expressions and the biggest, most beautiful eyes. I just couldn't stop snapping away! Heather, thanks so much for thinking of me when you came this way with your family! I hope we get to see each other more, and before another 15 years pass! If you're checking out this blog - be sure to leave a note for the family or me!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hawthorne's at the Beach

I was so excited to be asked to photograph this beautiful family during their annual beach vacation. Sweet Olivia was so proud to be in her dress. She was so cute - she kept holding it up like a wedding dress - trying to protect it.
It was hard to get Olivia to warm up to the idea of having portraits done, but dad was able to squeeze in a few giggles.
Olivia has the coolest cousins! They love her so much - and tried so hard to get her into "portrait" mode. Thanks so much guys for being so helpful! You were so fun to photograph! Some family snuggling on the beach.
As hard as we tried, Olivia really wasn't having much to do with pictures. This picture pretty much sums it up for how she felt about the whole experience. Little does Olivia know, pouty faces still make for great portraits!!
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