Monday, March 14, 2011

A Family with love to share | Carolina Beach, NC Family Photographer

I have been friends with Stephanie for a long time. Her youngest, Bates, and my son, Silas have been classmates since they were 3. I have photographed Bates several times with preschool portraits, but I've never photographed her family. So, you could imaging my excitement and honor when she asked for a mini-session of her beautiful family. Typically mini-sessions only happen a couple times a year, but new this year at Dana Jackson Photography, mini-sessions can be scheduled at anytime during the year, as long as the location is in Carolina Beach. There are so many beautiful areas around CB, this makes it an easy option for families wanting updated portraits of their children.

Stephanie has a very special reason to get updated portraits, too. Her family is in the process of adopting a boy from Honduras. They are in the beginning stages of the adoption process, and one of the requirements is a recent photo of mom and dad. Well, like many of us - we have all sorts of pictures of our children, but very few of just adults. Again, I felt even more honored they chose me as their photographer for this occasion. What a reason to CELEBRATE!

Jillian and Bates - Oh, they have this amazing connection! I can only imaging what it's going to be like when they introduce a little brother!
The lighting was beautiful, the weather perfect, and what a beautiful sight to see signs of spring! And of course a beautiful family makes it all the better! I look at this series and I KNOW they have so much love to share!

Getting Stephanie and Johnny together for their shots led to pure silliness! It's a bit awkward being in front of the camera - but they did beautifully! I love the obvious chemistry between them!

Keep watching - in a year or so, I'll have the pleasure of introducing their newest family member!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meet Lukas | Wilmington, NC Newborn Photographer

I think I could have photographed Lukas all day. He started off wide awake - and then quickly fell into a deep sleep and pretty much stayed that way throughout the entire session. How did I get so lucky?!? Lukas was just 12 days old when I got to meet him - and it couldn't have been more perfect.

Can you tell he is loved? Both of these are probably some of my favorites - ever.

Of course it wouldn't be a newborn session if I didn't break out the bowl and floor! And I could absolutely kiss those baby wrinkles!

Swoon, sigh - aren't they just beautiful. I love my job!
Thank you so much for inviting me to celebrate this time in your life. I look forward to many more sessions watching Lukas grow up!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet Sam | Wilmington, NC Newborn Photographer

Life has been crazy and I haven't been blogging like I used to. So sorry about that - but I promise to get better! I was so excited for Megan when she called to tell me Griffin was going to be a big brother. I photographed Griffin when he was a newborn, too - so it was only fitting that I head out to the house again. I'll tell you, these boys are very much alike - they made me work for it!

You always have to worry a little when photographing a two year old, no matter what kind of session - but a newborn session always presents a bit more of a challenge. I couldn't have been more happy with Griffin's cooperation! He loves being a big brother!

Sam is so lucky to have his grandma make all these wonderful blankets and hats! All of the blankets and hats shown in this sequence were done just for Sam! Oh, I could eat him up!!!!

I love capturing firsts for families. This was the first time that Griffin got to hold his baby brother. They have these huge beanbags, and they act as the perfect support for the two. Griffin did NOT want to give him up - he's a natural, don't you think?
I can't wait to watch these two grow up! Thanks, Megan and Vinny for inviting me back to celebrate these moments in your life. It was truly an honor. Congratulations!!!!

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