Friday, July 31, 2009

Celebrating Sisters (E&T) | Carolina Beach, NC Children Photographer

These girls were so much fun! Who would have thought that a minature golf course could be such a beautiful backdrop for pictures. I met these two beautiful girls for a couple rounds of golf, some portraits, and lots of fun. I love how fun this one is - big sister - hanging off a bridge!
And on a more serious note. She doesn't look 11 here - sorry mom - you'll have to watch out!

I love the way she would kind of giggle and pull her shoulders up. Just sweet innocence to me. The breeze couldn't have helped out any better in this shot.
After trying many shots with a more serious look that usually ended in lots of laughter - they finally nailed it. I love this image.
Thanks girls for dealing with the heat so well - and having fun with me. It was a great session.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Newborn Celebration | Topsail, NC Newborn Photographer

Do you remember my urban session with the pretty momma? Well, her precious baby girl arrived over the weekend. Meet Gabriella! I know there are many people waiting to see her!

I was so excited to meet her - and look - she was excited to see me, too!

She is such a good baby - pretty much slept the entire time - except for needing a few diaper changes - and some food.
All curled up - I love how her toes are up by her chin - the beauty of photographing them under 2 weeks old.
Ok, does it really get much cuter than this? I don't think so!
A shout out for the team!!!
And the proud parents - I love this one!
Thanks so much for letting me in your home - camping out for several hours and giving me dinner! You guys are the best.

Cori+Dan+Jack = Celebration | Carolina Beach Family Photographer

Cori and Dan are getting married!!!! Cori decided that instead of having a bridal portrait at the reception, she wanted to have a family portrait - and how could she not with sweet, adorable Jack!!! Although I kept trying to focus on Cori and Dan for some "couples" shots - Jack really did steal the show! So, as you look though this blog - enjoy his show!
I actually thought this shot out before we met at the boardwalk - and lucky for me, Jack pulled it off perfectly.
I won't tell you what they were talking about - family secret (hint: it is something very appealing to 4yr olds - and usually takes place in the bathroom!)
Do I even need to say anymore? Cute, cute, cute!
Sigh - keep the show going Jack!
And to reward Jack for such a stellar performance during our session - he got to play some games at the arcade - he was a happy, happy boy! Look at that smile.
A beautiful family. Really beautiful. Cori - though I still think it would be cool to do some sort of family collage for the reception - but if you decide on one big print - this one has my vote!
Congratulations to all three of you! I'm so happy for you. Thank you for letting me be a part of your celebration!!! **don't forget to leave comments for the happy couple!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Celebrating Brothers | Wilmington, NC Child Photographer

I feel like I've watched these boys grow up. I remember going to Alex's 1st birthday party - and now he just turned 3!!! I met these boys at the Arboretum at 7:30am - and if you know their mom, you know that was a feat in itself!!!

I think this one is my favorite of the whole session - can you get much happier at 7:30am?

If you know big brother, Ben, then you know what an amazingly sweet boy he is. This image just captures this personality trait.
Sigh, I could look in his eyes forever. Sweet Alex - all grown up.
Having fun with bubbles - you know, some kids like to catch them - Ben wanted to kick them!!!
I love his expression here - it was calling for black/white!
Did I mention Alex's eyes earlier - well, look again. I LOVE this image!!!
What a fun morning it was - and the boys were AWESOME! I'd do it again any day!
Don't forget - I love comments (and so do parents!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Celebrating a family of six | NC Beach Photographer, Wilmington Area

Thanks Facebook for connecting old friends!!!! Shauna and I go way back - and I mean way back - to when I was in 7th grade. Her brother an I were childhood/highschool/young adult sweethearts - and their whole family (mom, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) was my second family. It's amazing how time can distance you and then in an instant (thanks Facebook, again) you are able to pick up like no time has passed at all!

I met Shauna and her beautiful family yesterday at Kure Beach for a fun family session - and it was fun.

Did I mention that her children are BEAUTIFUL! Just look at them!
Shauna and her boys

Shauna and her man!

This one was just too sweet not to post!

Now, I love it, just love it when a family isn't afraid to have fun in front of a camera! They jumped, and danced, and posed - it was fun!!!

And this doesn't happen often - but I even managed to get on the other side of the camera for a quick snap of the two of us!!!!
It's so fun reconnecting with old friends. Thanks for the opportunity!

Celebrating Grandparents, again! | Wrightsville Beach Family Photographer

Meet sweet Ella again - this time with her other grandparents! Ella's mom and dad had a great idea last Christmas and bought each set of parents a gift certificate for portraits with their granddaughter - what an awesome gift - not just to their parents - but also for their daughter. I wish everyone would consider portraits with their grandparents/grandchildren.

Now, for the adventure! There was a possibility of rain - but if you know the area - you know that this time of year - there's a possibility of rain everyday!! The sky was dark and the wind was whipping - but we continued on - thinking even if it did rain - it probably wouldn't be much.

We started off ok. I love this sweet picture with grandpa - makes me miss my grandpa!

Ella had a lot of energy - but I love how grandma is looking at her - you can see/feel the love.
Seeing this really makes me want a picture like this of Silas with his grandparents.
And can you see the dark clouds in the background? Can you see the rainbands? Those of you that live in the area - you remember the torrential downpour we got last Monday night? Well, this was the warning!!! It didn't blow over - crazy hurricane type rain. So our session ended quickly.

Unfortunately - grandpa had to go home early the next morning - but we finished up the session with grandma. The weather was beautiful so I brought some bubbles along for fun - and boy was it fun! Thanks so much for such an awesome session. What lucky grandparents you are!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Celebrating Maternity - Urban Style! | Wilmington, NC Maternity Photographer

She's beautiful - just glowing - and I loved it! I've been wanting to do a Downtown Wilmington maternity session for a while. Lucky for me Danielle was up for it! And what a trooper because we must have picked the hottest day ever.

This was a fun and challenging session for me - I'm not used to having to "pose" my subject so much. Usually, it's all about me capturing life as it's happening. Well, an urban maternity session requires more attention to posing - so it was an awesome learning experience. Thanks, Danielle, for your patience!!!

Had I been a little more adventureous, I would have climbed on the car that was right in the way to get a better shot - or at least gone in the store and kindly asked that they move it - but hey - it was hot - and I was working fast!

There's so much awesome texture downtown.

I love, love, love this one. She is so beautiful anyway - but this one just screams beauty/mom/pregnancy/ you name it.
So, we found this little green, lush, oaisis downtown - who would have thought! While Danielle was waiting for my next instructions (and I was trying to figure out what they could be) her sweet baby girl starting moving around. There's the LIFE I love to capture!
I love the green her top - and the way her blue eyes just pop!
There's a great fountain downtown - made for a great backdrop!
This one is just fun to me! I love where we live!

So much fun - and I can't wait to do some more urban sessions. Speaking of - what a great excuse for a casting call!!! If you are pregnant - and are interested in an urban session - let me know - The session will be on me - and I'll throw in an 11x14 (limited # so act quick!)

Don't forget - I love comments!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Celebrating Family and Friends | Topsail Beach Family Photography

What happens when you put together 5 kids (4 of which are under 18months old) and 10 adults? Lots of pictures and loads of fun. A group of friends got together for a week of vacation - gathered all their children together for the first time - and just really enjoyed themselves. I did a mini-sessions for each family - and got to capture their celebration.

This little girl was on the move the whole time. As long as she was allowed to roam - she was happy, happy, happy!

This little boy was the most mellow little one. The water pouring image was right after he did a face plant in the sand - they dumped water on him - and he never skipped a beat! His big sister was quite the ham!
He was so happy to see this dog walking on the beach! Smiles galore! I love the one of mom and dad swinging him!
This little man has been struggling to sleep on this vacation - but you wouldn't know it from these smiles!
And let me just say - the adults def. knew how to have a good time. They let me glimpse just a little of it!
Thanks so much for the opportunity to capture your families and friendships. It was awesome. I can't wait to go through the rest of the pictures. You guys were great! Have fun on the rest of your trip!

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