Friday, February 12, 2010

Shhhhhh - it's a secret | Wilmington, NC downtown photographer

I love shooting downtown. There are so many different textures and backgrounds; everytime you turn a corner - you get a whole different shot. And what a perfect place to do a session with adult siblings. But, shhhhhhhhh, if you know their mom, don't say a word - they did this session as a complete surprise for their mom. She has no idea the session took place - and won't know until her kids present her with the portraits. What great kids!!!!!

When the session started it was so overcast - I was pleasantly surpised to see this sunflare pop up over the building!

The youngest -a sophomore in high school - has the most amazing eyes. I love this shot in color - because it really shows his blue eyes - but it was screaming for b/w, too!
The sister in the middle - Now this shot looks amazing in b/w - but with all the different brick texture - I had to share it in color!
And the oldest - he escaped the snow to get here - his mom didn't even know he was in town!
I think mom is going to really like this one!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

6 days of PURE SWEETNESS | Leland, NC newborn photographer

You know when you have something in your mind - and you even have in your mind how your going to execute it - but then it comes time to actually make it happen and you can't do it? Well, sometimes newborn sessions are like that for me. Usually it's not an issue since my style is a bit more of a relaxed, lifestyle approach. But I've had some stuff I've been wanting to try - and after I get all the "typical" newborn stuff done - I'm pretty tired and ready for home. Well, when my friend contacted me about photographing her newborn - I jumped at the chance to offer her a "casting call" session. Basically - she lets me do whatever I want - with no agenda for herself - and in exchange she gets some awesome images of her brand new baby girl with no session fee!

So, meet Livie - as she is so affectionately called by those that have already fallen madly in love with her!
Look at those sweet little fingers!!!And I couldn't get enough of those lips!!!!Have you just eaten her up yet? She is so stinking sweeeeeeet!And then - even though this isn't new from me - I'm always taking fun images of newborns with their big brother or sister - when I saw the light coming in from the window - I knew I had to try to get it! What a lucky little girl to have such a great big brother!
So, thanks so much for letting me come and play - for totally rearranging your room for me - helping me transport all my stuff to and from the car - for helping me during the session - for letting me dow whatever I wanted - but most of all - for having the most adorable baby girl, ever!!!!

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