Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yep - she's beautiful! | Wilmington, NC Maternity Photographer

It's a good thing pregnant women are usually pretty hot natured - because everytime I try to photograph this family - it's cold!!! We are 3 for 3 now - but they never back out - and we always get beautiful images! #3 on the way!

This one makes me giggle - I was asking them to NOT smile - but they are just like kids - can't NOT smile - of course you guys know me - I like this better than a serious face any day!

I went back and forth on this image - trying to decide black/white or color - for whatever reason I've been in a big color mode lately - so color it is! I think it's his blue eyes though!
She has a perfect belly. And due in less than 4 weeks.

Does it get much sweeter than this?

Well, maybe just a bit!
A quiet moment - mom won't get many of these in a few weeks - wait - I don't think she gets many of those now!!!

Thanks Rica for bringing me into your world. I can't wait to meet your "peanut".

Friday, November 20, 2009

Look who's 1! | Carolina Beach Baby Photographer

I can't believe P is already a year old. It seems like just yesterday she was just 4 weeks old - and this summer I saw her again as she was just starting to sit up (as she modeled for me in my new studio). And now, wow - unbelievable!

Little miss P loves to read - and while in the house pretty much had a book in hand.

Now, this one really is an out-take - but I had to share it - because it cracked me up when it happened - and cracked me up even more when I went to process the portraits from this session. That face!!!

Then we went into her room for a few minutes - she wasn't really having it - and I really didn't think I got much of anything from her room. Well, what a surprise when I started editing - to see this ballerina in training! She has the toe point and everything!

And then the real fun came. We went outside and mom found a flower for her. P LOVES flowers.

And then we went to the park - because what new 1yr old doesn't love the SWINGS! I could have taken pictures of her on that swing all day long. Just seeing her made my heart smile.

And yes - I know you just saw this picture in the collage above - but I love it so much - it might just have to be a new studio sample - so I thought it deserved to be repeated so you could just soak it all in. Ahhh - am I crazy - what do you think?

Oh, and did you see those shoes?!? I love them!!!!!
Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Celebrating Eden - 3 weeks old | Holly Ridge Newborn Photographer

What a beautiful, beautiful little baby. She is absolutely perfect! When I got there mom and dad had her wrapped in this awesome blanket - it made for the perfect backdrop.

Look at that little curl on her forehead - I love it!

She was knocked out! Well, for a little while, anyway!
The light was so beautiful coming in the window - you could really see her eyelashes so well - I had to take a shot!
Mom and Dad are simply stunning!
And this one just melts my heart!

Thanks for inviting me into your home to capture you beautiful new baby girl!

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