Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet Ella Grace - just 9 days old!

I love newborns, absolutely love newborns! I never know quite what to expect: awake, sleeping, crying, eating, fussing, refusing to be put down, etc. This time I was pleasantly surprised. Ali's beautiful baby girl was just perfection!!! She is beyond beautiful and so mellow. She really didn't seem to mind being adjusted and re-adjusted over and over again - and really did sleep just about the whole time. This never happens for me. This session I got so many keepers it was hard for me to narrow down what to put on the blog!

I got sleeping picturesAnd curled up picturesAnd sleepy sweet smile pictures with mom

Some playful pictures with Grandma (Ali's mom) while she was here helping out
And I was even able to get some pictures of big brother Nathan! So sweet!!!!

If you're stopping by - make sure to leave a comment - I love to read them and Mom's do, too!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Second Family!

Meet my neighbors. Well, not quite my next door neighbors anymore, but still my neighbors to me. This family is so special to me. They are really what neighbors are supposed to be like. I was so excited when they asked me to do a session for them.

I love how this silhouette came out of the 4 kids.

Here's the boys - you've seen Josh before - for his Senior portraits!

And here's the girls - aren't they beautiful!

And the whole gang including the grandparents - who are also wonderful people!

I absolutely LOVE it when a family is not afraid to have fun during a session!

If you are checking this out - please don't forget to tell this family how beautiful they are!
Just adding - I'm trying to get these to post larger - still working out kinks! Sorry!

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