Thursday, August 27, 2009

Amost TWO - Little Miss M | Wilmington, NC Child Photographer

I had so much fun today at the Arboretum with little M! She is almost two and absolutely adorable!!

Here she's telling me her dress got dirty while feeding the fish - I love her little lips. This was the gate to the Children's Garden - she loved the gate - opening and shutting, opening and shutting.
She was really serious most of the time - not in a bad mood - just pretty serious - but I got a smile for a quick moment playing around the gate.
I love her stare here. It was screaming for black/white.
Mom was blowing bubbles for her and she finally wanted a try - she was working so hard to get those bubbles to come out - look at that concentration.
This was almost the last shot of the session - she was wore out. It was hot and sticky. I love this image because to me it still shows how young she is.
Thanks for such an awesome session! I can't wait to get through the rest!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Koven is ONE - Urban Baby | Wilmington, NC Baby Photographer

Happy - the whole session - absolutely happy. When Michelle contacted me about doing his 1 year session - but stated she wanted something different - not the beach, not the park - I knew we had to head downtown.

I'll tell you - I had a hard time narrowing down what to show on the blog - I love them all and can't wait to go through the rest of the bunch!

Oh, and you've seen him before - here's his newborn session:
We found this great little alley - but it was sloped downward - he thought it was so fun to go barreling down the slope towards us - I was so worried he was going to fall face first!

Ummmm - can you say happy?
And such a little man.
We even made time for a little cake smashing fun! What better place than the downtown fountain - it made clean up a breeze! We got this awesome cake from Their deserts are so yummy!!! At first Koven didn't know what to think of the cake. But it didn't take him long to tear it into pieces! Look at that face!
Sigh - so stinking sweet!
And what a trooper - we're walking back to the car and I see these steps - and I so want to get one more shot. And of course, Koven produces!!

Thanks for such an awesome session and thanks for contacting me for all the right occasions!!!! What a celebration we had!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Nephew - almost ONE! | Rocky Mount, NC Baby Photographer

This weekend I went to Rocky Mount and my sister-in-law and I had this whole session planned for Jefferson at City Lake. Well, Mother Nature had a different plan because it rained and rained! Luckily she has this great carport and I had my handy "wood" rug - so we made do!
Jefferson was so fun - lots of smiles all around!

Can you say CUTE?
I love the way he's looking up here - I know - it's very "Sears" with the whole looking up thing - but I just love it anyway!
And then it was time for CAKE! He didn't know what to do at first - but it didn't take him long. And yes - in that 3rd picture - the cupcake was stuck to his face!!
The most beautiful blue eyes ever. I promise - I did nothing to enhance his eyes - they are just that big and beautiful!

I love you Jefferson! Only one more month and you'll be ONE!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Celebrating Ben - 6 weeks old | Wilmington NC Baby Photographer

I was so excited to do this session. Mom and I had been talking about it for a while - and then when we were scheduled to do it - the baby acne showed up - and then I went out of town - so, next thing you know, Ben is 6 weeks old!!! You never know what you're going to get at any newborn session - but 6 weeks can be even more unpredictable. This is when they stop sleeping so soundly, the arms are flailing a lot, and moods are variable. Well, Ben was a dream!!!!!

When I saw his room all done up in Dr. Seuss - I knew I had to get at least a couple shots in there. A dear friend painted this book shelf for him - and look - it's Ben's Pig Band!

And then I did get him to sleep - after I tightly swaddled - and then slowly let his arms go - and then worked quickly - because he didn't stay asleep long! But look - see his sweet eyelashes - almost translucent!
The great thing about 6-weekers - they are much more likely to smile!!! And Ben - man did he smile! They call him Popeye - wonder why?
And how about a LOL - for those not familiar with text jargon - that's Laugh Out Loud! Oh, I could just eat him up - such a happy little man!

And on a more serious note - there's nothing like a sweet moment captured between a mom and her son. Look how strong he is!!!!! Sigh - babies grow up so fast!
What a great session it was - thanks so much for chosing me as your photographer!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Celebrating a New Home | Habitat For Humanity | Wilmington NC, Photographer

Many of you know that I do some freelance photography for Wilma! Magazine (check out the photo spread I did on back to school clothing!)This month one of my projects was to cover a story about our local Habitat For Humanity's Women Build and I was inspired to participate more and spread the word. I won't begin to try to describe the program - there's no way I'll be able to give it the justice it deserves, so please check out the link for all the specific info. They are breaking ground for this deserving family's new home this Saturday, August 22, and the hope is to have this family in their new home by Christmas.

What I do plan on doing is covering this story personally/professionally as my own little service project. Over the next couple of months, I hope you'll come back to my blog and follow this family's story with me. My final goal is to have beautiful portraits for the family to hang in their new home at Christmas.

My other goal is to encourage you to participate in any way you can. If you are local - please come out and help - volunteer days are Wednesday and Saturday. If you aren't local - then seek out your local Habitat For Humanity organization. If you're a photographer and looking for a way to give back to the community - this could be a great project for you, too!

Enough blabbing - on with some pictures! These are the shirts - aren't they cool!Meet Cristina, the beautiful mama and recipient Cape Fear's Women Build. She has already put in many hours of "sweat equity" and plans to put in many more for her own house.

And the two youngest, Nancy (she thought it was really fun to bang on the walls) And Debbie - who wasn't sure about any of it! But man, she is beautiful!
The house I was photographing in isn't their home - but their soon to be neighbor's home. This is where they are going to be breaking ground this Saturday. I hope to show you an after shot of the family in front of their new house in a few months. I love that their road name is "Hope Springs Court." The whole family, Gregory, Nancy, Cristina (mom), Debbie, and Ana.

So, get involved, in any way you can. I'm so excited to be a part of this project!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 week old celebration | Newborn photography in Wilmington, NC

He couldn't have been more perfect. Meet Little V - just 3 weeks old. Perfect skin - perfect attitude - pretty much if he was asleep or awake - he was simply perfect!

Mom had some cool bold colored walls - they made for the perfect backdrops!
I loved his hat against this blue wall.
A sweet moment with daddy.
Now big brother TC - wasn't really into me taking pictures - but I did manage to get a sweet one of him anyway!
Then right before I left - I had to try the baby in the hammock! All dressed up as a little man - but out cold. We had to work fast to keep the mosquitoes off him!
What a fun session! Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to take part in this awesome time in your life.

Celebrating Models to Be | Carolina Beach, NC Child Photographer

I met these adorable boys almost 2 weeks ago - but then went out of town - so I'm only just now getting to post them. Sorry for the delay parents - but I hope it's been worth the wait! These boys were so much fun.

First meet Mr. C - he's 4 months old - we were planning on a beach session - but at 4 months old it's a little difficult to do individual shots at that age at the beach - so my natural light studio was the perfect place to start! Look at those eyes - he looks like a baby GQ model!
My son was gracious enough to share his chair - which has a perfect rounded back for a 4 month old that isn't quite sitting up by himself!! I love this full body shot - look at those legs!
It was tough getting the two boys together - but I love this shot!
So, now meet big brother L - such a ham! He was in such a good mood the whole time - up for anything.
Then we headed to the beach - and L was def. in his element!!! I love the way his little hand is place on his back!
When mom said, "I your pictures of the kids in the air" I knew I had the perfect client! It's slowly becoming my signature shot! I try to do one at every session (if the kids are small enough!) This one came out perfect!!!

Thanks for being so patient. I can't wait to get through the rest of them!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Celebrating Newborns - 10 day old Nolan | Newborn Photographer Kure Beach, NC

I've been taking pictures of big sister K for a couple years, now - she goes to preschool with Silas (my son) and I take their school pictures. So I was delighted when they asked me to take Nolan's newborn portraits. It was a long day - but man - I got some fun images.

He started out WIDE awake - and I mean wide awake. Look at those beautiful blue eyes.

Just having fun!
And then he konked out - I've been wanting to do a shot like this for a while - and finally figured out how to do it!!!
I don't know what it is about this one that I love so much - sweet sleeping baby, chin rolls, pouty lips - sigh.
I love seeing his eye lashes in this one - and of course those lips!
No words - just melt my heart. Mom and dad are going to have to watch big sister K - look at those eyes.
Ok, now I totally had to share this! Normally I don't allow personal cameras to be brought out during a session - but how could I say no to a budding photographer. And look - she likes close-ups, too!
Congrats to you on your new addition to your family - it was so fun!
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