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Celebrating a New Home | Habitat For Humanity | Wilmington NC, Photographer

Many of you know that I do some freelance photography for Wilma! Magazine (check out the photo spread I did on back to school clothing!)This month one of my projects was to cover a story about our local Habitat For Humanity's Women Build and I was inspired to participate more and spread the word. I won't begin to try to describe the program - there's no way I'll be able to give it the justice it deserves, so please check out the link for all the specific info. They are breaking ground for this deserving family's new home this Saturday, August 22, and the hope is to have this family in their new home by Christmas.

What I do plan on doing is covering this story personally/professionally as my own little service project. Over the next couple of months, I hope you'll come back to my blog and follow this family's story with me. My final goal is to have beautiful portraits for the family to hang in their new home at Christmas.

My other goal is to encourage you to participate in any way you can. If you are local - please come out and help - volunteer days are Wednesday and Saturday. If you aren't local - then seek out your local Habitat For Humanity organization. If you're a photographer and looking for a way to give back to the community - this could be a great project for you, too!

Enough blabbing - on with some pictures! These are the shirts - aren't they cool!Meet Cristina, the beautiful mama and recipient Cape Fear's Women Build. She has already put in many hours of "sweat equity" and plans to put in many more for her own house.

And the two youngest, Nancy (she thought it was really fun to bang on the walls) And Debbie - who wasn't sure about any of it! But man, she is beautiful!
The house I was photographing in isn't their home - but their soon to be neighbor's home. This is where they are going to be breaking ground this Saturday. I hope to show you an after shot of the family in front of their new house in a few months. I love that their road name is "Hope Springs Court." The whole family, Gregory, Nancy, Cristina (mom), Debbie, and Ana.

So, get involved, in any way you can. I'm so excited to be a part of this project!!


Missy said...

Bravo to all those that donate their time/energy/money to such a great organization. Great job on capturing it!

Jill Hardy said...

oh wow, what an amazing organization! and a beautiful family! great work, as always!

Melissa said...

What a great organization and project, dana! Good for you!!!

Libby said...

What an great project and organization to work with! Great job capturing the memories for them!

Kati said...

what a great way to document the day!!! And a great project!

Julia Wade said...

fabulous organization! and beautiful pics!!

Gabensysmom said...

What an awesome organization, great job...keep up the good work!

Debbra said...


Cari~ said...

Ok, so I am seriously hyperventilating right now... So this is how it happened... I was on itunes today and I was looking for some songs. I was really looking for songs for my soul, you know the ones that make you feel good. And it popped into my head to look for that song that you and I sang at my mom's church like a hundred years ago. SOOOO, I thought and thought and thought. Nothing. I called my mom. Nothing. I went to bed and could not stop thinking about it. I wanted it so badly. So, I got up and went to the computer. I figured between my grainy memory and the wonderful internet I was somehow going to find this song.
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Then, as if all of this isn't amazing enough, I saw that you had a blog!!!!! Dude, I HAVE A BLOG TOO!!!!! I just can't believe I have found you on a blog!!
This is all too much.
I miss you like crazy. More than that. I miss you like part of heart is permanently gone.
I would really really love to get back in touch with you love...
AND, you just have to check out my blog. Jeesh the kids are humungous... Brit graduated from high school last year!!!
Wow, so much to tell.
And so much I want to hear.
This was truly designed by God. He planted that seed in my mind knowing I could never let it go.
What was that song anyway??

And your pictures are absolutely amazing...

I love you and love you and love you,
Cari (your favorite cousin) (with a fabulous secret involving a very special unicorn) :0)

email me dude...

Melinda Dillman said...

That is awesome! Love these shots!

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