Thursday, April 16, 2009

Celebrating Grandparents | Wrightsville Beach Photographer

You've probably seen this sweet little girl on my blog before - back last fall. Well, her parents gave the best gift her grandparents.....a gift certificate for a portrait session! It was so fun and it was obvious to me (and I'm sure to you) that this little girl is loved, loved, loved!

A little playtime first!

Nothing like flying high!
Being silly
In this little grassy area - they found 1 flower - and she didn't pick it - she just looked and looked.
I want a picture like this of me and my grandpa. Sigh.
Endless LoveWhat a pleasure to have fun on the beach! Thanks so much for thinking of me when you were giving gifts!

Celebrating Newborns | Newborn photographer in Wilmington, NC

Do you remember the beautiful homebirth I was able to attend? Well, I went back to get some newborn shots of sweet baby I. I learned a couple years ago from the great to go into a session "camera ready" because you never know where "the" shot is going to be. So, I was ready when I got here. Baby "I" was still asleep in her cradle - and mom assured me she was about to wake up (and she was) - so I pulled off her blanket to get a quick peek to see how much she'd grown since her birth - and awwww - this sweet little smile - dimples and all - is what I received. There's a lot technically wrong with this shot - but you know what - I love it anyway!

Then she got all dressed up for her debut. This is what daddy picked out for her. She was WIDE awake now!

Big brother E took his job very seriously. She really didn't want much to do with being put down - but did enjoy snuggling with brother.

If you remember from this family's maternity session you'll remember what a happy, infectious family it is. Well, this pictures just proves it! Everyone is full of smiles - even the baby!
A quite moment with mom and baby. Ahhhh - this one melts my heart.
I think I'm all caught up on my newborns, now - well until next month!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Celebrating Family | Wilmington, NC Family Photographer

Oh, my - what beautiful girls and an awesome family! I've been trying to photograph this family since last year - but weather and colds got in the way. When I first met this family, Little R wasn't even sitting up on her own very well - and now look at her - walking all over the place!
Big sister A was such a treat to photograph. So happy and full of energy!

I love it when a family wants family portraits done in a fun and candid style. This is totally my style - and what I love to shoot!

Although we were nearing the end of the session and Little R had pretty much let me know she was done - I still got a sweet look from her!

Man, oh man, watch out world - Little A is going to be a heartbreaker - look at those eyes. How could anyone ever say no to her?
Nothing like having a big sister to pull you around when you're tired of walking!
Thanks for looking! And, if you're thinking about booking your own family session - you might want to call now! I'm booking up fast - and am now scheduling into June!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Celebrating Preschool | Child photographer in Wilmington, NC

Cute, cute, cute kids! I love preschoolers! They are so full of laughter, energy, LIFE! I always have so much fun photographing this school in Kure Beach.

I always try to get pictures of siblings that attend - it's so fun.
And often quite a challenge! If you knew these two cuties - you would know this is totally them!

Monday, April 6, 2009

And the winner is.....| Family photographer, Wilmington, NC

Congratulations, Dana - you are the winner of the first ever Celebrating Moms Mother's Day Contest! All the moms were so deserving, I know it was a hard decision to pick just one. Thank you so much to everyone that nominated an awesome mom and everyone that voted. I couldn't have success if it weren't for all of you! Now you have all gotten me excited for my next contest. Yep - that's right - my next contest!!!! You'll have to keep a watchful eye out to find out the details!

I'll be sure to share the images from Dana's session as soon as we have it!

Celebrating Life | Birth Photography, Wilmington, NC

Wow - just wow - it's really all I can say. I've been wanting to photograph a birth for about a year and last week I photographed my first birth - and how lucky for me - it was a homebirth. You've seen this beautiful family before Being a part of the birth experience just makes them even more beautiful to me. I arrived early in the morning after she'd be laboring for almost 12 hours. I was excited and nervous about this experience. I wanted to capture it all - yet wanted to be out of the way and preserve the intimacy of a homebirth.

I love how supportive dad was during the whole time. She just melts into him.

I also loved how they included big brother whenever he wanted. I love how his arm is around them both - just melts my heart.
Several hours later - like almost 24 hours since her labor started - it's down to the wire. Mom was so tired, she was able to totally relax inbetween contractions - she is so beautiful here.

Just minutes away from the birth - and everyone in the room is pushing. Mom and dad are looking at a mirror - I love mom's face as she sees her new miracle.

They did it! It's a girl!

Safe in mama's arms - so sweet - just minutes old.

This family is so full of love. Mom, Dad, big brother, new baby sister, and both grandmas. Perfection.
Big brother was the one to cut the cord - he took his job very seriously.
New, new, new.
Time for a snuggle with grandma.
I hope this is just the first of many births for me. I'm still smiling from the whole experience. If you, or someone you know, is interested in preserving the birth through photography, please don't hesitate to call me. I'd love to do this again, and again, and again!

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