Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Celebrating Preschool | Child photographer in Wilmington, NC

Cute, cute, cute kids! I love preschoolers! They are so full of laughter, energy, LIFE! I always have so much fun photographing this school in Kure Beach.

I always try to get pictures of siblings that attend - it's so fun.
And often quite a challenge! If you knew these two cuties - you would know this is totally them!


Trista Teeter said...

You are a busy woman these days!!! I always thought doing a Preschool would be fun, looks like it was!!!

Keri said...

How cute!!!! I bet their parents are so thrilled to have such beautiful school pictures that capture their kids' personalities so well!

Christine said...

Oh goodness how cute! Schools have come a long ways with school pictures. Loved the siblings. My kids can totally be like that. Great job Dana.

Whitehill Photography said...

These are just perfect! What awesome preschool pictures these parents will be getting! :)

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