Thursday, December 31, 2009

Meet Elsa - just 8 days old

You saw the maternity pictures of this family not too long ago - mommy was absolutely glowing and the kids were so excited Well, she's here - and beautiful! Born at home - to one awesome family that has been so patient waiting for the blog! I photographed her 2 days before Christmas - and then took some time off. But I'm so glad I got in early - newborns really do photograph best in their first 10 days of life.
When I got there she was ready for a nap - perfect for me!

Do you see her sweet smile?
Then she woke up - and mom was feeding and settling her - and I turned around and saw big sister. It has to be hard to have a new baby in the house and to no longer be the only girl. I had to snap and share this picture!
And then - I turn around - back to mom and baby - and sweet Elsa has the biggest grin!!!
And now, in daddy's arms - she is gazing right at him.
Getting 2 siblings with a newborn isn't always an easy task - but these kiddos were so good. Normally I wouldn't try this with a baby that was awake - but Elsa didn't seem like she was going to sleep anytime soon. I'm glad I tried!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Meet Julia - 2 weeks old | Wilmington, NC newborn photographer

She may have been the best newborn ever. Really - simply amazing. She was asleep when I got there - so I was able to get right to work.
She didn't sleep long - but I quickly found out that she was just fine hanging out. I moved her around, and around, and around - and she just looked around at her new world! I've never had a baby awake that long and be so content.

Still awake!

Then, finally - she decided she needed to eat - so we took a break - she got a little snack - and then -well, you can see what she thought.

Could she be any sweeter?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Meet Vivian - 10 days old | Wilmington, NC newborn photographer

I've known the M family for a couple years now, so I was so excited to hear they were expecting #2. Mom told me that big sister loves to have tea parties - I couldn't have been happier! I look forward to photographing the two sisters having a tea party in a couple years!!

This one just melts my heart.

In case you were wondering.....she's going to be a strong girl - she's just making that clear right now.

Big sister giggles right before I left!

I knew I loved this image right when I took it - I don't know what it is about it really - maybe the way the light is coming in - maybe how peaceful she is sleeping - I don't know - but I could look at it all day long!

Congrats to you on a healthy, beautiful, baby girl. Can't wait to watch her grow.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cousin Fun | Rocky Mount, NC Children's Photographer

Since I know my sister-in-law is stalking my blog - waiting for this post - I figured I better get it up! Over Thankgsiving - Silas and his cousins got together to work on their Christmas present for Meme. These kids LOVE being together - it's so fun to watch them. Meme is blessed with 5 beautiful grandchildren. It was a tough session - starting at noon - sunny with spotty clouds here and there - just to throw a kink in things. No the most optimal shooting conditions -but we made it work!

I'll start with the youngest - Jefferson just turned 1 a couple months ago - you guys have seen him on my blog several times before. He has the best smile!

And then Emma

And her twin brother, Jacob

And Silas even cooperated with me for a few minutes (which is a lot to ask of him - he hates me taking pictures of him!)

And the oldest, Jackson - I love, love his expression in this one - I had to go black/white!

And believe it or not - this was one of the first pictures I took - right out of the car. I went into this shoot thinking that I might not have much success getting all 5 of them in one portrait - but, they proved me wrong!

I miss everyone already - and so does Silas - it was great seeing everyone.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Rocky Mount Family | Rocky Mount, NC Photographer

This session was so full of laughter - I hated to see it end. My husband's Aunt asked over the summer if I would be available to photograph her family over Thankgiving holiday. Both her boys are now married - and they need a new family portrait in their living room. The weather couldn't have been more perfect!

So, Aunt Pete -here's your portrait!

And of course I coudn't just get the one family shot - I had to spend a little time with everyone! The oldest son with his wife and beautiful daughter. And the younger son with his new beautiful wife. And she couldn't be any more perfect for Justin.

And since S is the only grandchild right now -I had to spend some extra time with just her. Actually we were getting ready to leave - and I saw these beautiful colors surrounding her. I had to change lenses and start snapping. I'm glad she wasn't a toddler that would have been bored with this area by the time I got all my stuff together!
I really had a great time - and can't wait to share the rest with the family.

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