Monday, September 28, 2009

Preschool.celebrated | Wilmington, NC Preschool Photographer

There are a lot of cuties at this school! I got to spend the morning photographing the 3-yr and 4-yr old classrooms. These kids were so fun and so cooperative. I normally head out to the playground for their candids - but it was a cloudless day - so instead - we stuck to the trees - and boy was it beautiful in there - and since it's cooled off a bit - there weren't many bugs!

In previous years - I always did the candids in black/white only - but I've been loving color lately - so this year the parents are in luck. I'm showing them everything in color - and they can choose anything to be printed in b/w!

Of course - these 3 were screaming for black/white - so I had to share them with you that way, too!

And you know what - even Silas did great this time. Usually it's a day of tears and frustration for him - he doesn't like that I'm outside taking pictures while he has to stay inside the class. I guess he's growing up. So, here's Silas with two of his best buddies!

Tomorrow it's all about the two year olds - and they are always a lot harder to get these big smiles from - so wish me luck!

Thanks, parents, for letting me use these pictures here - you guys are great!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look who's bigger? Ryan is 7months old | Wilmington, NC baby photographer

It seems like just yesterday that Ryan was just born. You've seen him before - the non-sleepy newborn:

I didn't expect him to be sleepy this time - but I also had no idea he'd be this happy! He is such a cutie! Here he is in the same cradle he was in as a newborn. Ummm - just a tad bigger?

We hung out most of the time in his room - and he smiled and laughed - and was just generally happy. I don't know what I like best - his smile, his leg rolls, or how his toes are curled up!
This one just makes me smile - how can you not?
Sigh - baby blues. So sweet.
Can you say, "Drool?"
Maybe one of my new favorites!!! I'm normally have a very clean processing - but I really have been wanting to play with some new textures I picked up last week. I love them on this image - what do you think?
Thanks, Ivy, for letting me invade your home once again! It was fun - and Ryan made my day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

40 years of marriage - now that's something to CELEBRATE! | Kure Beach Family Photographer

This beautiful family is celebrating their parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary - and what an awesome gift to give their parents - a family portrait session. I wasn't sure we were going to be able to do this session. The weather was HORRIBLE! It rained all day - with only a few breaks here and there - and no sun all day. Normally we would reschedule for a better day - but almost everyone was from out of town - so we went for it. Let's start with the kids....

Only 2, but oh, my - that's a lot of cuteness packed into a two-yr-old. As much as I'd love to say he was reaching for me, because we just clicked like that - I was holding his precious ball - playing catch. I love his outstretched arms - his sweet little fingers, and I love his expression. So sweet!
And how about big sister. Watch out mom and dad - she is a beauty!!!!
Now, this image, I just love. I really, really love it. I tried to pinpoint what I really love about it - is it the hair blowing in the wind, the light in her eyes, her smile, the way she has her tongue kind of rolled up? No - those are all great factors - I really love it because she is looking at her daddy with this sweet expression. Melt my heart!
I told you he loved the ball!!!! A little catch with Grandpa.
It took a bit to get this shot. Poor Mark wouldn't/couldn't smile - and try as she might, Angel had a tough time NOT smiling!!! But, ahhh - they got it! I love this one! They are getting married soon - and they are going to be one beautiful couple on that day!
You know that ball the little one loved so much? Well, I put it on top of my flash (those that use a dome - it's a great ball holder!) - and look at the response I got from the kids! I just had to share. No worries, mom - I got a great family shot in this series!
But what I loved most about this session, was to see how in love the parents/grandparents still are after 40 years of marriage. What an awesome thing!
Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this celebration with you. It was so fun, and you guys were such troopers to deal with the wind and rain!!!
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