Thursday, June 26, 2008

Silas is swimming!

I haven't shared much personally on here, yet, especially about my son, Silas. I'll give a proper introduction later - but for now I just had to share these snaps. Silas has been taking private swim lessons from Mrs. Allie. She is absolutely amazing. Have you heard of the horse whisperer? Well, she's the swimming whisperer. Really - it's pretty hard to describe. Before Silas started taking lessons, he wouldn't really even put his face in the water willingly. Now, he's always loved the water, and felt completely comfortable - just really preferred to keep his face out of it! Well, these pictures were taken on his 6th meeting with Mrs. Allie.

Here he is getting ready to swim through the hoop.

And here he is doing it!!!!!

Then they were in the deep end (5ft) and Silas was practicing being a scuba diver going down the ladder.
And because Mrs. Allie was so proud of him for being such a great scuba diver, they celebrated by dancing at the bottom of the pool - in the deep end!!!
And finally, Silas is getting ready to end his swimming session. He's taking a deep breath......
And he's swimming to the steps of the pool! I'm so excited for him!
Thanks, Mrs. Allie! For anyone that's local - she booked this summer - but if you want her info - just let me know!

Ok, real quick - I edited and posted these pics from my other computer - and man - the color is a bit off - so ignore the color issues - and enjoy the swimming!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let's Party with Morgan!

I'm not sure if they come any more smiley than Morgan. She has to be the happiest 1yr old I've ever seen. I met up with Morgan on her actual birthday, June 17th, for the opportunity to photograph her party. We had so much fun. It was so hot that day - but you wouldn't know it by looking at Morgan's smiles.
She's waiting patiently for the party to begin. She didn't seem the least bit distracted by the extra people or the cameras. I think she's ready for show biz!
Nothing like cooling off with some water play. Again, happy, happy, happy!
All that playing sure did work up an appetite. Morgan wasn't playing around when it came to eating. After pizza and popcicles, she still had plenty of room for cupcakes.
Ahhhhh - now that's satisfaction! I'm sure she slept well that afternoon!
This was such a fun event, it was really hard to only choose 5 images! I can't wait to process the rest. If you're reading this blog - make sure to leave a comment; all moms love to hear how cute their babies are!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Liam is ONE!

Today is Liam's Birthday! Happy 1st Birthday Big Guy! I met this family last year when they were anxiously awaiting his arrival. Here's mom and Big sister comparing bellies - one of my favs!
Here's mom - isn't she just stunning!
And then he arrived, June 12, 2007 - here he is at home - safe in daddy's arms.
Then I was able to meet up with them again for a group smash the cake series with two other friends (remember Jalen and Will?). He thoroughly enjoyed the cake and the clean-up - what a trouper!
All smiles!!! Get a load of those blue eyes. Absolutely draws the camera right in! I could take pictures of him for hours and hours and never get tired!
Thanks for including me in all the fun! Happy Birthday, Liam!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Beautiful Family

How is it I get so lucky with these beautiful families contacting me! This session has been waiting a long time to come to the surface. It was initally scheduled last summer with just 4, but after patiently waiting for me to get well, we had a wonderful session of 9. I could have stayed with this family all day and just bask in the love.

After this session - I really want to get together with my family and have some portraits done. I'll tell you, it was hard to choose just 5 for the blog.

Mom and Son - still playful - I just love it!

And from their love - not only children were created - but two beautiful grandsons - it doesn't get much better than this!

The boys really enjoyed the beach - but it didn't take to much convincing to get them to take a stroll with the grandparents.

Did I say already how much love this family has? This portrait just warms my heart and makes it smile!

Thank you, S, for including me in your family vacation. You really do have a wonderful family and I can't wait to see you again! If you're heart is as warm as mine right now - make sure to leave a comment for the family!

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