Thursday, June 26, 2008

Silas is swimming!

I haven't shared much personally on here, yet, especially about my son, Silas. I'll give a proper introduction later - but for now I just had to share these snaps. Silas has been taking private swim lessons from Mrs. Allie. She is absolutely amazing. Have you heard of the horse whisperer? Well, she's the swimming whisperer. Really - it's pretty hard to describe. Before Silas started taking lessons, he wouldn't really even put his face in the water willingly. Now, he's always loved the water, and felt completely comfortable - just really preferred to keep his face out of it! Well, these pictures were taken on his 6th meeting with Mrs. Allie.

Here he is getting ready to swim through the hoop.

And here he is doing it!!!!!

Then they were in the deep end (5ft) and Silas was practicing being a scuba diver going down the ladder.
And because Mrs. Allie was so proud of him for being such a great scuba diver, they celebrated by dancing at the bottom of the pool - in the deep end!!!
And finally, Silas is getting ready to end his swimming session. He's taking a deep breath......
And he's swimming to the steps of the pool! I'm so excited for him!
Thanks, Mrs. Allie! For anyone that's local - she booked this summer - but if you want her info - just let me know!

Ok, real quick - I edited and posted these pics from my other computer - and man - the color is a bit off - so ignore the color issues - and enjoy the swimming!


Shannon Kilstrom Photography said...

How cute!! Yay, Silas! ;-) We had a wonderful teacher like Ms. Allie for Ella last year and it really is amazing what they can do with a great teacher. I'm so happy for Silas!

Keri said...

How fun! These are great...congrats to Silas!

Sweet Fields Photography said...

Way to go Silas!! My son is the EXACT same way, won't put his face in the water for nothin' even though he loves to swim. I wish we had a "swimming whisperer" near us! :)

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