Thursday, April 16, 2009

Celebrating Newborns | Newborn photographer in Wilmington, NC

Do you remember the beautiful homebirth I was able to attend? Well, I went back to get some newborn shots of sweet baby I. I learned a couple years ago from the great to go into a session "camera ready" because you never know where "the" shot is going to be. So, I was ready when I got here. Baby "I" was still asleep in her cradle - and mom assured me she was about to wake up (and she was) - so I pulled off her blanket to get a quick peek to see how much she'd grown since her birth - and awwww - this sweet little smile - dimples and all - is what I received. There's a lot technically wrong with this shot - but you know what - I love it anyway!

Then she got all dressed up for her debut. This is what daddy picked out for her. She was WIDE awake now!

Big brother E took his job very seriously. She really didn't want much to do with being put down - but did enjoy snuggling with brother.

If you remember from this family's maternity session you'll remember what a happy, infectious family it is. Well, this pictures just proves it! Everyone is full of smiles - even the baby!
A quite moment with mom and baby. Ahhhh - this one melts my heart.
I think I'm all caught up on my newborns, now - well until next month!!!!


Keri said...

What a cutie!!! I love the smile in the first one. The family picture is perfect always do such an amazing job capturing relationships & emotion.

Stephanie Bowling said...

You did such a great job Dana! They are all beautiful! I love the one of baby and brother!

Sweet Fields Blog said...

That last one brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful moment.

Aubrey said...

oooh, love these! That last image is so precious!!

Shannon Osborne Photography said...

Love love love this last shot, so gorgeous. Awesome lighting/shadows.

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