Friday, February 12, 2010

Shhhhhh - it's a secret | Wilmington, NC downtown photographer

I love shooting downtown. There are so many different textures and backgrounds; everytime you turn a corner - you get a whole different shot. And what a perfect place to do a session with adult siblings. But, shhhhhhhhh, if you know their mom, don't say a word - they did this session as a complete surprise for their mom. She has no idea the session took place - and won't know until her kids present her with the portraits. What great kids!!!!!

When the session started it was so overcast - I was pleasantly surpised to see this sunflare pop up over the building!

The youngest -a sophomore in high school - has the most amazing eyes. I love this shot in color - because it really shows his blue eyes - but it was screaming for b/w, too!
The sister in the middle - Now this shot looks amazing in b/w - but with all the different brick texture - I had to share it in color!
And the oldest - he escaped the snow to get here - his mom didn't even know he was in town!
I think mom is going to really like this one!


Keri said...

Beautiful work Dana! I love all the locations you found. Their mom is going to be so excited with these!

Christine said...

What sweet kids to do that for their mom. :) You did a great job! I love all of the textures. :)

Jessica Washburn said...

What a great surprise for mom--she's just going to LOVE these!

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