Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet 16 | Wilmington, NC Photographer

What a refreshing session. I'll tell you - these must have been the most polite, well mannered teens I've ever met. They had the most positive attitude toward the photo session - and made my job very easy! Meet MB - she just turned 16 - and mom really wanted to capture who she is right now. Of course we got some of her and her brother. Aren't they beautiful kids!
I love the sun on her hair here.
MB has the most beautiful smile - but after some practice - I got her to not smile - and WOW - it really brought out her eyes.
While MB was changing - I got a couple more of her brother - Watch out girls!
Mom really wanted a portrait of MB on the beach in this dress. She was such a trooper - it was pretty cold - and the water even colder - and yet here she is - with a wave washing over her feet - and she's making it look like it's nothing! Oh, and yes - that's her brother in the background climbing on the rocks.
That look, those eyes, just one more time!
Thanks again for such a great session. It was so much fun. And as much as I love photographing toddlers - it was nice to relax a little!


Gabensysmom said...

Isn't it so fun to try something a little different?! I like things out of the norm! You did a great job here, I think mom will love them!

Anonymous said...

how fun! what an awesome mom for setting this up!


Keri said...

Beautiful session - it's fun to see something a little different from you Dana! They must be thrilled with these...stunning!

Heather Latimer said...

Those are two gorgeous kiddos! Great job, Dana!

Julie said...

What a great session! Good for mom for capturing that wonderful time in her daughter's life! You did a great job on these Dana!!

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