Monday, April 5, 2010

Abbey's almost one! | Carolina Beach Photographer

I could just eat her up! The last time I saw her - it was an afternoon mini-session - and she wasn't happy. This time we met at the boardwalk in Carolina Beach at 8am - and boy could you see the difference. She was full of smiles this time.

She's not quite walking - but almost!
She was hiding behind mom - and then peeked around to give me the best smile - look at those little teeth!
Her first experience with the beach. She was mesmerized by the sound of the ocean. She liked crawling around on the boardwalk.
And really - what can I say about this portrait? The pink against the blue wall - the beautiful eyes looking right into me - cute, cute, cute!
Even at the end of the session - she was just a ball full of happiness. Here, her dad is lifting her up - and she and I are playing. I could photograph her all day!


Anonymous said...

oooh my she is too stinking DARLING!!!


Shay's Photography said...

So cute Dana! Great job :)

melissa said...

Absolutely adorable, Dana! Always love your b&w conversions!

Jessica Washburn said...

Oh my gosh--she is just a doll! Beautiful images, Dana!

Janice said...

She is adorable!!! I love the expressions you captured, and how cute does she look with her hand up on the wall? So cute!

Heather Latimer said...

Ahh! She is way too cute! LOVE the one on the blue wall! Can't wait to come visit in August!

Julie said...

oh my goodness these are sweet! You captured some awesome smiles!!!

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