Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Celebrating Grandparents, again! | Wrightsville Beach Family Photographer

Meet sweet Ella again - this time with her other grandparents! Ella's mom and dad had a great idea last Christmas and bought each set of parents a gift certificate for portraits with their granddaughter - what an awesome gift - not just to their parents - but also for their daughter. I wish everyone would consider portraits with their grandparents/grandchildren.

Now, for the adventure! There was a possibility of rain - but if you know the area - you know that this time of year - there's a possibility of rain everyday!! The sky was dark and the wind was whipping - but we continued on - thinking even if it did rain - it probably wouldn't be much.

We started off ok. I love this sweet picture with grandpa - makes me miss my grandpa!

Ella had a lot of energy - but I love how grandma is looking at her - you can see/feel the love.
Seeing this really makes me want a picture like this of Silas with his grandparents.
And can you see the dark clouds in the background? Can you see the rainbands? Those of you that live in the area - you remember the torrential downpour we got last Monday night? Well, this was the warning!!! It didn't blow over - crazy hurricane type rain. So our session ended quickly.

Unfortunately - grandpa had to go home early the next morning - but we finished up the session with grandma. The weather was beautiful so I brought some bubbles along for fun - and boy was it fun! Thanks so much for such an awesome session. What lucky grandparents you are!


Stephanie Bowling said...

These are so sweet! I love all of the interaction between them. Reminds me that I need to do this with my kids and their grandparents!

jaimiers said...

What gorgeous work! I LOVE the first one--it's perfect! That's such a neat idea to get photos with the grandparents. Everyone should do that!

Cherron McDonald said...

I love that idea for christmas! My parents probably wouldn't do it, spoil sports.

Photography by Li said...

Oh my goodness, how FUN! I love these!!

Summer said...

Totally love this idea. These are just precious and sooo special. I know what to make this on the list for my girls and their grandparents, for sure!

Marcie Blevins said...

These are awesome!!! Too bad I don't live anywhere near a beach:(

melissa said...

These are such fun shots. I keep vowing to do a session like this with my own children and their granparents - what wonderful moments to treasure!

Jill Hardy said...

Ella is so luck to be so loved! I love that you are capturing all of these memories for her! Absolutely gorgeous work!

Heather Latimer said...

Oh, how I need a session like this with my kiddos grandparents. What a treasure you have captured for this family.

Christine said...

perfect! great work :)

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