Monday, July 21, 2008

The Biggest Fan (in a small package)

Well, Silas is start-struck. Every Thursday night, we head down to the boardwalk and enjoy some live music and fireworks. Well, about a month ago, Julie Gribble was the pre-fireworks entertainment. Silas was mesmerized by her. We bought her CD that night and since then Silas has listened to it at least once a day in it's entirety. Well, what a great surprise to hear that Julie Gribble was coming back. So this time I came prepared to capture it - and boy was I glad I did. When we go there we saw our friend, Lou, up on stage playing Bass!!!! You never know who you're going to see in CB!!!

Silas was so excited to see, "my best band player ever!" that it was impossible to get him to tear his eyes away from her on the stage.
Julie and Lou in the background!
When Silas saw this picture he said, "Mom, look, she's so happy to be singing!" It just melted my heart!!!!
Can I just tell you how wonderful Julie is? Not only is she fabulous to listen to, but she is great with reluctant, star-struck, 3yr olds! Silas just didn't know what to think!

This one is going in a frame in his room!!!!
I had to play a little when it got dark - here's Lou!

and I was happy to catch a little firework action while they were on stage!

Thanks so much, Julie, for being such a good sport with Silas. She even invited him on-stage to perform with him - but he just couldn't take the pressure!

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seattlegirl2 said...

LOVE the last one of Julie with Silas!! So sweet!!

Katherine said...

These are so cute of Silas! How funny and sweet!

TheBowlingFamily said...

That is so cute! Silas is adorable and it's such a sweet little story!

Meg Caton Photography said...

That was so nice of her to do. I love the look of fascination on his face. She looks like she's fun to be around and a great person! So glad you got to get pictures of that!

Dana Jackson said...

It was fun - and you're right - she is super nice! Thanks for the nice comments!

Lou said...

Wow Dana- I new your were good with the great picture you took of my kids…But now you took a me, chubby 38 year old and made me look kinda cool. Thanks!!

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