Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Almost 2 - running free | Wilmington, NC Child Photographer

Sometime the most fun shoots are the completely unplanned ones. I was visiting some very dear friends of mine recently - and while we were sitting outside enjoying adult conversation while the kids ran around freely - the setting sunlight was just too beautiful to resist - especially with Lilly - almost two - running around being, well, two. Oh, how I wished I had a tutu with me - but then I might have missed the moments.
And this one - well, it had to stand alone. I love every single thing about this.
Sandy and Maggie (and the rest of the crew) - it was so awesome visiting with you. I only wish I could see you more often - and for longer periods of time. I think of you often - and look forward to our next visit.


Anonymous said...

Dana as usual these are beautiful. We all miss you on the mountain. Thanks for sharing them with everyone, I just love our Lilly, she is precious and so sweet.


Anonymous said...

You do great work and are as special as the photos...Love Sandy

homeier9 said...

awesome as always.it was good seeing you and ci again.if you come back up please let me know. i need a great photographer.

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