Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birthday Family on the Beach | Carolina Beach Photographer

I was so excited to do this session. When families contact me about beach portraits, I almost always recommend the beach in front of Ft. Fisher Museum because of all the different textures it offers. But this family has been coming to Carolina for generations and generations and they really wanted something different. They wanted something that would show them the beach how they remembered it as children. They also had 2 birthday's to celebrate. The baby is almost 2 and grandma's birthday was Monday (I'll not share her age). So, off we went to the north end pier. It's such a beautiful location - I really should use it more.

First you have to meet their 4 beautiful daughters. They were so delightful the whole session - and one thing they all have in common.....they love their little sister.
When you time it right - and of course we did - the water is so reflective in this area.
And like I said - I have to use this location more - this might be my new family portrait! I love the colors of the wooden columns and the blue ocean and how it really shows off this beautiful family!
Thank you so much for such an awesome session. It was so fun meeting you - I hope your vacation was awesome.


Betsy said...

Dana as always these are amazing. The family pic under the pier is just stunning!

Kim said...

Aww...these turned out great. So glad you two could meet up!

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