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Cooper's Morning | Lifestyle Photographer in Wilmington, NC

Yes - I'm going to blog a whole session - how can I not? There is so much story to tell in this one little post.

A little back story - 5 years ago, Megan was pregnant with Cooper when Silas was just a tiny baby. She would stay after her prenatal yoga class to help hold/comfort babies during my mommy/yoga class. She held Silas a lot. Then when Silas started crawling - we didn't see or hear much from each other until I ran into her 2 years later when she was pregnant with her second. I was a budding photographer then - eager to get my name out. We all get our "start" from somewhere and Megan was mine. She agreed to a maternity session and then spread the word like wildfire. Before I knew it I had a whole new circle of friends and an amazing client base. Many, many of my clients I can string back to this circle - to Megan. For that I am truly thankful.

I also just recently met up with 20 AMAZING photographers - and boy was I inspired. Just seeing all that talent in one room is a bit to swallow. I came away from the weekend knowing that I had made lifelong friendships - and that it was time to embrace what I LOVE about photography. For me it's all about LIFE. Sure - I capture the essence of it in every session - but I've been longing to do a WHOLE session that really celebrates where someone is right now - their amazing life right now. Sure I could do it with Silas - but really - even if you aren't a professional photographer - you know how hard it is to really capture your own children. So I started thinking about WHO would be a good candidate. I'm sure there are many of you on the other side of the screen with your hands waiving in the air, "me, me, me - why didn't you pick me?!" And aside from the above info on how Megan really helped me launch my business - there were a few other factors. I knew without a doubt that Megan would have no expectations of me. She would LOVE it if I got ONE image of Cooper being, well, Coop. That alone takes off some major stress in a session. And really - because next week, Coop will start Kindergarten, like my own son, Silas. And those of you that know me - know I'm not dealing with it well.......at all. I needed to pour a "starting school celebration" somewhere because I just can't quite celebrate it in my house!

Have you heard enough? Don't know how I got so winded!!! So, I hung out with Cooper yesterday morning. We decided that mom would leave - and I would just see where the morning took us. I walked away a very happy photographer! Now - looking at these - all in one place - my name font looks funny - the color is all over the place - and guess what - I don't really care right now. This session was for me - I can fix all that stuff later. For now - I just want to share. So, ignore some of the technical stuff - and just enjoy Cooper's Life!

We started off outside - Coop loves his scooter and bike - and he actually just completed a children's triathlon last weekend. That second image on top..... he was telling Megan "bye" as she drove to work! I knew it was going to be fun.
Then we went inside - and you can say Coop has a thing with wheels. Ramp building - remote control car driving - all boy! That last image - he was laughing because he ran into me with is car!
Here Coop is playing with his toys - giving them voices much like in Toy Story - telling stories - but his stories have one underlying theme - they all involve a bit of potty talk (thanks to Dad) - so that's what that second image giggle is all about. This is when I wish I knew how to use the video function on my camera better.
Then Cooper sat down at the table - for what started as art work - and it turned into a cutting and writing session. I love how hard he is concentrating. He's going to be great in Kindergarten! I love how he drew his own lines before he started writing.
Then a smoothie and some basketball - you know - you gotta have some good energy before you can concentrate on dribbling through the house.
And maybe one of my favorite images from the whole day - this ONE image made me so happy - that I'll probably frame it myself for my desk! This is what life is all about!
So, Cooper, Megan (and Nat) - thanks so much. To everyone that helped me get where I am - thank you, too. To my amazing photography friends that continue to inspire and push me - I love you more than you'll ever know. I feel renewed.

Now - if I can just muster up the energy to get Silas in front of the camera!


Angela Chandler said...

I cannot tell you how much I love this session! You did such a great job of capturing him in his element...mom will love all of them, no doubt!

Erin said...

I love them all TOO!!!! When I saw the sneak peek, I totally flipped. Absolutely fabulous job - I know his mom is going to cherish these forever!

Tina Ramirez said...

These are fabulous Dana! The story behind them gives me warm fuzzies

megan said...

Dana- I am totally in tears right now! I decided to check your blog before going up to bed and was so excited to see these shots. These are awesome!!! And I love your stories. What an emotional time for us right now. Oh man. Thank you so much. One of my favorites right off the bat (I'm looking at these on my phone by the way) is the one where he's eye level with his ramp and cars. That's so exactly how he plays with his cars. Ok - I'll talk to you soon but I absolutely love these! Meg

Christine said...

These totally made me smile...there is NO better way to photograph a child at this age. You did an amazing job!

molly said...

oh these turned out wonderful. you can definitely see your love for him in these. I hope mom has these made into a book. LOVE!

Jessica said...

I just love these kinds of images--so important to capture the day-to-day moments. Love!

Keri said...

Dana these are amazing!!!

Laurie Sachs Photography said...

Love these Dana! Lifestyle is where you really shine.

melissa said...

These are really fabulous! Love every single one of these. I absolutely need to do something like this with Owen before he starts Kindergarten in a little over a week!

Cherron said...

These are so amazing. I love how you captured so much about HIM! Now, come to Arkansas and do something like this with my girls! :)

Heather Latimer said...

LOVE these, Dana! They are so totally YOU!!

Janice said...

Dana, these are amazing and so truly you!! Your style just radiates through these fabulous images!!

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