Thursday, September 9, 2010

Love.celebrated | Wilmington, NC photographer

Two people that are madly in love + an amazing network of family and friends + the most gorgeous weather ever + a wine vineyard = the most beautiful wedding ever. Now, I'm not a wedding photographer, so don't get any ideas, but when your best friend gets married, you can't NOT have your camera ready.

Tiffany and Dade - I'm so happy for you and really - those words do so little to describe how really happy I am for you. On your wedding day, you asked guests to bring a small item, a token for your alter that symbolized this special day. I didn't put anything on the alter during the ceremony like everyone else. I searched and searched for just the right item to bring and I couldn't find the ONE thing that would convey the message I wanted you to have. I want you to remember how crazy powerful this love feels right now - how it engulfs your whole body and makes you giddy and also a little sick to your stomach. So, I decided my alter item would have to wait just a little while. Because what I really want you to have - to remember - to look back on - is this (well, not this blog - but the pictures:)).

And there's no way I can end this blog post without a couple kid pictures! My friend, Eric had his super cute little boy there - and he was practicing jumping off the steps - and then Kara's daughter - oh, my - I couldn't have planned it any better. Looking at her running makes my heart smile!
Tiffany and Dade - thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your day - your commitment. I will treasure it always.


Christine said...

Dana, I'm in love with these!!! What a gorgeous couple! Wonderful job :)

Tina Ramirez said...

Just gorgeous! She looks so beautiful and is so lucky to have a fantastic friend like you.

Stephanie Bowling said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! I love all of these! Beautiful job Dana!

Christine said...

You did a phenomenal job! Beautiful photos.

Aimee said...

Dana, those are fabulous! Beautiful work and your friend is very lucky to have such a special wedding gift from you.

Cherron said...

These are so stunning. I bet they treasure them for ever and ever!!

Shay said...

Dana, the shots are absolutely amazing!! The couple is beautiful and look so happy :) Great work!

Tiffany said...

Dana~ I love you!!!! Thank you for this gift. These pictures capture the joy and love of that moment and of our love.
You are a wonderful friend and I am so blessed to have a life of friendship and love with you.
Dade and I could not be more grateful for the miles you traveled and moment you so beautifully captured.
All my love!!!!

Angela Chandler said...

Beautiful job, Dana...the light is amazing!

Jessica Washburn said...

I just love how you can absolutely tell how much they love each other from these images. Just beautiful, Dana!

Julia Wade said...

you captured some incredible moments dana! such emotion and poise ... gorgeous

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