Saturday, May 10, 2008

Grandchamp Twins - a quick introduction!

Well, they finally arrived and I loved meeting them. They are beyond adorable and I really could have stayed all day and photoraphed them and I don't think I would have tired. Well, I take that back - I was pretty tired after just a few hours!

Meet Cameron Reed - safe in daddy's arm with a hint of a smile!

And Morgan Elizabeth - wide eyed and sooooo sweet!

After much patience, they were finally asleep at the same time. It didn't last long and it gave me a small glance into the life of raising twins. That's Morgan on the left and Cameron on the right, already protecting his baby sister (well he is 1 minute older!)

Sigh, it's just about too sweet for words. Here they are switched up - now Cameron is on the left and Morgan is on the right.

I was thinking this one (or the one above) would be a good one for the birth announcements - but I just couldn't decide if I liked color or black/white. So - here's both so you can decide!

I can't end this post without show a proud Daddy and Big Brother, Dylan!

And of course - one of Jill! She looks absolutely amazing - it's hard to believe she's sleep deprived and gave birth to twins just 2 short weeks ago! WOW!

Well, Jill - Happy Mother's Day. You are so blessed to have three beautiful children!

Oh, and anyone else enjoying these babies - please feel free to leave comments - I love to read them - and maybe you can help Jill decide on a birth announcement picture!


Great Aunt Gergie said...

Hey Grandchamp family, The pictures are beautiful!!! I don't think I could deciede on which pic to choose they are both beautiful! Don't forget my address when you send announcements. I Love you all. Love Great Aunt Georgie

Kris said...

You have a beautiful family. As an outsider, I really liked the second picture of the twins in black and white - they look like a heart to me.


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