Sunday, May 11, 2008

The G Family - So Fun!

I met with the G family for an in-home session. They were so much fun and have so much love for each other. I'll tell you, it was hard to only pick a few for the blog! I love these kinds of family shots - here they are just hanging in the hammock.
They have such a beautiful property. We managed to get little A to sit for a minute for a shot of the family! This was no small victory.
Ahhh - little A - she really does love the outdoors. She just loves to explore her yard.
And here's her sweet baby brother - Wide eyed and full of bubbles!
I finally managed to catch a smile - only after just letting her go and then playing hide-n-seek with her! My goodness - could she be any cuter?
I can't wait to go through more of the portraits from this session. Thanks Jamie for the great referral.

Happy Mother's Day, L!

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