Sunday, May 18, 2008

Griffin is Here!

What a sweet little boy and a family that loves him so much already. I had so much fun photographing their first born and can't wait to get through all his portraits!

Sweet and snug in a blanket made with love from Grandma!

Wide-eyed wonder hanging on Dad's shoulder. I can't believe how alert he is. Simply amazing.
We won't even say what we had to do to finally get him to sleep so peacefully - but I'll say..... it was worth it. I love this one.
This is Griffin's signature pose - the fist on the chin - so glad he could take time out of his busy schedule to strike it for me.
Did I say already what a beautiful family this is? There's nothing like family snuggle time.
Make sure you welcome Griffin to the world with some awesome comments - his mom and dad want to know who's peeking (and I do, too).


Cindy said...

Griffin is beautiful as are his parents. Great photos! God bless and thanks for sharing.
Cindy Canipe (friend of the Loneys)

Jenny said...

He is so darn cute, I can't wait until June to come and visit and neither can the kids.

Meg Caton Photography said...

I love the name and the pictures!

3 Little said...

He is just gorgeous!!! This is my first time on this blog (Im from FYB from BBC), and I couldnt help but to comment!!!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Im the person who left that last comment... I noticed that I posted while logged into my other email who is not linked to my blog... Sorry about that...

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