Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meet the Moms - it's time to VOTE!

The time has come for the voting to begin! I’m so excited about this. There were so many awesome moms that were nominated – so many stories shared – so much love in Wilmington alone. It was so difficult to narrow it down to just 10 that the panel of judges just couldn’t do it – so now we have the Top 11. Who am I to argue with the judges!

Now, the rest is up to you! You have a tough job ahead of you because all these moms deserve to win. And remember – the winner receives a $400 portrait package, hair cut and style, personal training, dinner out, and gifts.

Here’s how the voting works. Below are the 11 contestants, each with a picture and brief description written by a loved one. If you want to read the whole story, you can click http://danajacksonphotography.com/stories.txt
and read all of the stories on one looooong page. If that’s a bit overwhelming for you – you can just click on the link next to each picture to read just their story. Then, once you’ve made your decision – you need to focus your attention on the poll to the right of this blog. Yep – right there on the right! Now, all you have to do is click on the contestant you think deserves to be celebrated.

Have fun, be fair, and celebrate life with me!

Contestant #1
Dana A - nominated by her friend, Betsy.
Quick stats: mother of 3 - one teen and two in their 20s.

"She deserves to be celebrated because she would never acknowledge that who she is and what she does, is extraordinary."

Read more: http://danajacksonphotography.com/dana.txt

Contestant #2
Tre C - nominated by her husband, David.
Quick Stats: mom to 1 child - under 6 months old.

"She is a wonderful mother, who wants all the best for our son and a wonderful wife who is willing to do anything for me."

Read more: http://danajacksonphotography.com/tre.txt

Contestant #3
Jessica E - nominated by her husband, Andrew.
Quick stats: mom to 2 - ages 1 and 3

"Just thinking of what she does for our kids motivates me to be a better father."

Read more: http://danajacksonphotography.com/jessica.txt

Contestant #4
Liz G - nominated by her friend, Jessica
Quick stats: mom to one 3yr old son.

"Above all, I think that Liz winning this contest would mean that she would be putting herself first for once. That is the greatest prize of all."

Read more: http://danajacksonphotography.com/liz.txt

Contestant #5
Sun Ye H - nominated by her daughter, Victoria.
Quick stats: 2 grown children, 1 grandchild.

"I am so proud to call her my mom! Her example of motherhood is one that I will strive to live up to for the rest of my life!"

Read more: http://danajacksonphotography.com/sun_ye.txt

Contestant #6
Elizabeth J (Beth J) - nominated by her sister-in-law, Elizabeth.
Quick stats: mom to 3 - 17, 16, and 12.

"Beth's unselfish nature has required her to save her pennies for her kids and not spend on herself. The pampering gifts you offered would be a fabulous way to give back to such a compassionate lady who is so deserving."

Read more: http://danajacksonphotography.com/elizabeth.txt

Contestant #7
Jennifer K - nominated by her son, JB.
Quick stats: mom to 5 - ages 4-18.

"She is a constant insperation to me and the rest of us. We want her to be recognized as who she is, a truly awsome mom."

Read more: http://danajacksonphotography.com/jennifer.txt

Contestant #8
Sandra M - nominated by her daughter, Jaimee.
Quick stats: mom to 18yr old twins

"I think of my mom as one of my best friends and someone I can always come to for anything.....she lifts me up when I’m down, mends my broken heart, and always has advice to give. I thank her so much for it, and I thank God so much for her."

Read more: http://danajacksonphotography.com/sandra.txt

Contestant #9
Jenn T - nominated by her husband, David.
Quick stats: mom to two boys - ages 2 and 3.5

"I am truly amazed at the balance she is able to provide to our family. Jenn is the most energetic and unselfish person that I have ever met."
Read more: http://danajacksonphotography.com/jenn.txt

Contestant #10
Brenda W - nominated by her daughter, Melissa.
Quick stats: mom to 4 grown children - "grammie" to 3 - ages 1-5

"She is also a wonderful "grammie" to my kids and gives them more love and attention than a child could ever imagine-even if she has just worked all night long and hasn't slept yet!"
Read more: http://danajacksonphotography.com/brenda.txt

Contestant #11
Allyson Y - nominated by her mom, Connie.
Quick stats: mom to two - ages 5months and 5 years.

"As a daughter, I see love, mercy, caring, and all the characteristics of God in her! Just simply by the way she lives."

Read more: http://danajacksonphotography.com/allyson.txt


Betsy Arndt said...

Dana- This contest truly is amazing. All of these moms are incredible! Good luck to everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Dana, Jaimee wanted to know if the winner is based soley on the number of votes, or a combination of votes and the original nomination. Can you let us know?

Dana Jackson said...

Thanks Betsy - I agree that all the moms are incredible!

Sandra - the winner is based soley on the # of votes on the blog. The first round of the contest was done soley on the original nomination - and a team/panel of judges decided which nominations would make it to the blog portion. Now the rest is up to the voters. Isn't your daughter awesome?!

Jenn said...

When will the winner be announced? I saw the poll numbers after it was closed, but haven't seen anything posted?

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