Saturday, October 11, 2008

Noah is here!

I just love newborns! We first saw Tre when she was about 20 weeks pregnant with Noah. Here he is now just 5 days old. He is such a mellow baby and so fun to photograph!
Would you look at those eyes! Safe in Daddy's arms.
I love this family shot. I can imaging that they sit there and stare and stare at this beautiful baby boy.
I've been getting so lucky with newborn eye contact these days! I love this shot!
This is one that just melts my heart! The hand under the face - the hand flopped over - the sweet little lips - everything!
You'll get to see more of Noah as he grows up - his parents were smart and signed up for my baby plan - so we still have two more sessions to go!!!!

Be sure to leave comments for the new parents!


Keri said...

What a cutie! You did a beautiful job with these (as usual). Aren't newborns fun to photograph??? :-)

Julie said...

omg, I just want to snuggle him and kiss his sweet little head. Tre and Dave, he is absolutely gorgeous and I'm not just saying that- he truly is an exceptional newborn. I cannot wait to meet him in person! xoxo Love, Julie

Gabensysmom said...

Beautiful job! Love the family shot!

Nikki said...

He is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love all the shots. Can't wait to see more!
Much Love, Nikki xoxo

Anonymous said...

goodness!!! so sweet!!! cant wait to see him again! love Missy

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely beautiful, of course, his mom was a beautiful little girl (still is!) Can't wait to meet him and dad. Lost your #, will get it from MB. Love, Donna (Margaret and Sarah too)

Janice said...

So sweet! Love the family shots!

Shannon Kilstrom Photography said...

These are gorgeous, Dana!! I love how you captured amazing eye contact as well as those sweet newborn sleepy ones. Just perfect! :-)

Shannon said...

Love those family shots--great work, Dana!

michelle said...

absolutely beautiful dana why didn't I sign up for the newborn thing!

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