Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meet Jefferson, my newest nephew - 8 days old.

I missed his birth by only 2 hours and then had to wait a whole week to see him - but man, was it worth the wait. He is the definition of perfection. He's such a mellow baby.

This is Silas' first time spending anytime with a newborn - he was so great and attentive. He just kept whispering, "Sweet Jefferson." It was so cute!!!

So, I'll start with Silas and Jefferson. I love the way he's supporting his head (and he did this on his own) but more than that, I love being able to see the love on his face.
This is by far one of my favorite newborn images to date! I love how content he seems.
This image just says, "Hero" though I'm not sure which one is the real hero - I'd bet it could be argued either way.
These two images were taken on different days, at different times of the day - and I can't believe I got newborn eye contact both times! YIPPEE! I can't decide which one I like the best!!!

I typically do a majority of newborns in black/white - but wanted to show this one in color. His skin is so perfect!

I can't end this post without sharing one of the most precious things about Jefferson. He is a smiler! Anyone that says, "Newborns don't smile," hasn't met Jefferson. He has the sweetest smile ever. I so wish I knew what he was dreaming about.

Corie and Matt - you are beautiful parents. Thank you so much for letting me share those days with you!


Photography By Alyssa said...

Dana these are amazing. I love his smile and the way you captured eye contact with him. I would have a hard time deciding on what to order.

Aubrey said...

These are so precious. I love the little moments that you captured. Simply beautiful and perfect in every way.

LauraH said...

Dana where to begin. I had expected your work would be great. BUT you overwhelmed me. MY HERO, MOM and Jefferson and the one of Jefferson in color are a must for anyone.

Keri said...

These are beautiful. He's an adorable baby & you captured some priceless images of him.

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