Friday, April 25, 2008

Cake Smashing Fun - well, maybe not!

Last year about this time, I had the pleasure of photographing Megan, Melissa, and Christina during their pregnancy. They opened up their homes again so I could capture their beautiful newborn boys. Well, look who's turning 1?!? Jalen, Will, and Liam!!!!!

I thought it would be fun to have some cake smashing fun with them - and it was fun - I'm just not sure if the boys really enjoyed it!

They started out a little unsure...

And decided - yep - I don't like it (except Liam)

So, we thought - maybe they just wanted to get up off the cold, wet, grass.....

And decided - nope - that wasn't it either (except for Liam)

I think what they wanted was just to be in dry clothes. Could they get any cuter?

More to come very soon!

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