Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Melinda's Family | Carolina Beach, NC Family Photographer

It's always fun photographing other photographers, and Melinda was no exception! When she told me she was going to be near me, I jumped at the chance to meet her. We've been online friends for a long time, now - but never met in person. She is as sweet as I imagined her being, and her family absolutely wonderful. We met at my favorite beach spot, and I got to meet her whole family. I really love extended family sessions, they are always so full of laughter. Thanks for your patience in getting your blog post up!

Melinda's youngest, Makenna was so sweet the whole session.
And big sister, Jaylyn, well, even though she really didn't want her picture taken much (I mean she's 4 and her mom is an awesome photographer, she has better things to do), she hung in there for me!

And then there was Melinda's nephew, Tyler, oh, he was so sweet! So full of smiles (I LOVE the one of him watching me while dad is throwing him up).

There is nothing, nothing sweeter than children with their grandparents. Nothing.

If you haven't had an adult family portrait taken with your family, it's time you do. You won't regret it, I promise. Look, all grown up!
Cousins - this one stands alone.

When you are a photographer, you have tons and tons of beautiful portraits of your children. What you don't have are portraits of your children with the person they love the most. Melinda - you and your girls make my heart smile!

I have brothers, and while we are close, I don't think it's anything compared to what sisters share. Melinda you have to have one of these big on your walls!
I wish we could have had a whole day to sit and chat and play together. I hope next time you are in the area we can make time to do that!


Angela Chandler said...

Soooo beautiful, Dana!!! It's so fun to see Melinda's family! I feel all nostalgic knowing that we took pictures on that very beach just last year with the whole gang. Well done!

Janice said...

Absolutely priceless, Dana!! You have such a gift for capturing families so naturally and beautifully!! Melinda, you have such a beautiful family and extended family! How wonderful that you have these beautiful images to remember this great vacation you all had together!

molly said...

oh these are fantastic! what treasures!

Keri said...

Beautiful!!!!! Melinda your family is gorgeous!

Jessica Washburn said...

Love the shots of the cousins, Melinda's girls together and the girls with Melinda. Well, basically, I love the whole session--just beautiful!

Aimee Butier said...

Fabulous! You did an amazing job Dana and it's great seeing Melinda and her family! I just love the grandparent pictures!

sara-anne said...

really really sweet images. I love them all!

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