Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Introducing Little Miss Julia

Now, this is one sweet baby. She was so mellow, I just couldn't believe it. Even when she was wide awake, she was so happy to just hang out. In these portraits, she's less than 1 week old. Check out all that beautiful black hair.
Sacked out.
I usually love to show images of newborns in black and white, but I just loved these in color. Her skin was just perfect to showcase in color.
A little Daddy time. I love that she's looking right at him.
Mommy kisses. I love that you can just feel Mom's love in this portrait. This little girl is surrounded with love.
Whenever I do a newborn session, I always try to capture something that really shows the size of this little miracle. I really love this image. I love seeing all the little wrinkles and the flakey skin.
Don't forget to leave the new parents a little congratulations on their beautiful baby girl!


Keri said...

What a cutie!!

Mallie Ray said...

Hi Dana! Your photos are GORGEOUS! I'm newish to the area and also do photography. Just letting you know I've been keeping up with your work!

Dana Jackson said...

Thanks Keri!

Mallie - thanks so much!

Missy said...

Dana, I didnt leave a comment before when the first few pics came out, I to cried when I saw the pics, yes it was my baby girl, ur pics were great. II have never had pics taken and loved all of them before, I wasnt unhappy with any of them. Thank you so much for takingthe time to get the perfect shots, shes growing fast, it wont be long Ill have to call you again for some more pics. Missy

Janice said...

What a beauty! Such a beautiful head of hair too! You did a wonderful job as usual capturing this little miracle!

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