Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Spillman Family - at the beach!

I knew from the first phone call that this would be a fun family. They were so relaxed and just ready to enjoy the beach. The kids were beyond beautiful and in the best moods. Sarah, thanks so much for contacting me and allowing me to photograph your family!!!

Mr. C - I'm surprised I was able to catch this - he was on the move the whole time!!!
Some tickle time with Little A!
What a great looking pair of parents - so natural in front of the camera.
This really turned out cute! It wasn't what I initally planned - and I think I'll try to do something with it - but it was to cute not to share here. I wish we'd of written names or something in the sand, too.
Can you say, "Cute, cute, cute?"
I love how the kids are looking at mom and dad!!! This was so fun.

Of course - you can't go to the beach without someone getting wet. This time it was Little A. She was quite the trooper. Never cried or made even the slightest fuss. I was cold just watching her.
I've been getting lots of blog readers, but so many of you are forgetting to leave a comment! Please let me know you've been here - it's the one thing that photographers LOVE!


Sarah said...

Dana, we could not have had a better time at our little photo session. Thanks to your at ease attitude and have fun style. We simply enjoyed ourselves thoroughly,and oh! you took some pictures. :)
I've been sleeping next to the laptop waiting for this sneak peek and I'm so very thrilled! Can't wait to see more, but looking at these again and again will tie me over. Thank you for capturing these moments!!

Dana Jackson said...

It really was fun! You guys were the perfect family for me! Thanks for posting your thoughts on here. I love hearing what people think - and love for others to see it, too! Now, sleep tight next to your laptop while you wait for your gallery of images!!!!

Kimberli said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! I'm so jealous that you have such an awesome "studio"! Haha... This family is so lucky you were able to capture these moments.

M.B.S. said...

What gorgeous shots! The Spillmans are beautiful in every way, but what a wonderful eye and talent to capture them--absolutely stunning work.

Janice said...

I love this set! The interaction you captured is just precious! I love the handprints, and the mom and dad kissing! Wonderful!

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