Wednesday, June 16, 2010

8 Months of pure Joy | Wilmington, NC Baby Photographer

Lillian is 8 months old - and she has the most infectious smile. We met at the arboretum - and I'm glad we met early - it was hot!!! She made us work for those smiles - but boy was it worth it!
Now - mom and dad were not planning on being in any portraits - this was supposed to be all about Lillian - but at the end of the session - I sprung it on them - after they had been sweating for an hour (thanks, right!) I love watching parents play with their children. So we had a quick play session!
There was no way I could share one of these without sharing the whole series. Usually my goal is to go through and eliminate those that are so similar - but I just love this whole series!

It was so fun - and I can't wait to share the rest of the gallery. Lillian was absolutely perfect!


Cameron said...

Love them as always Dana- she just makes me smile to look at her.

Cassie said...

LOVE these!!!! Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!I'm sure mom and dad love them:)

naturelover said...

Cassie's mom loves these pics! It is purely amazing to see how you captured this baby's little personality! I love the pic of the mom and dad!

Joyce said...

I love the photos of John. He's the cutey grandson of my cousin.

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