Thursday, December 11, 2008

She's 4 weeks old today! | Newborn Photographer, Carolina Beach NC

Well, yesterday (Wednesday), really - but still - isn't she just the sweetest thing?
She started off WIDE awake! So alert and absolutely beautiful!

Then she started to get a little sleeping.

But she was really fighting it!

After lots of waiting and work from her mom and myself - I managed to get a few pictures of her asleep. I love her little neck folds in this shot.

I can't wait to get through the rest! If you're peeking, don't forget to leave a comment!


Aubrey said...

..These are beautiful! I love the one of her sleeping on her belly, such a great angle!

Sara said...

So precious!

Gabensysmom said...

So adorable! I love the yawns :)

megan said...

Dana - these are gorgeous!

Dana Jackson said...

Thanks so much everyone! Little P was so sweet! I was worried at first with her being 4 weeks old (I usually get them at 7 days old) but I was pleasantly surprised!

Sweet Fields Blog said...

That last shot is just makes me sigh aloud!

Janice said...

What a sweetheart! Love the sleeping ones! So cute!

Julie Lewis Portraits said...

Theses a beautiful! she has the most perfect skin and looks like she was an angel during this session! I love the variety of images you captured!

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